The Best College Majors for Stoners

College Majors for Stoners

Just because you’re a stoner doesn’t mean you can’t do well in college. As a matter of fact, college is filled with pot smokers in every corner. You will struggle to find a major that doesn’t have a few stoners filling its ranks. Depending on which major you look at, you might find more than in others. If you’re considering going to college and want to choose a major that is filled with fellow cannabis lovers, then look no further. Here are the best college majors for stoners.

1. Art

College Majors for Stoners

Cannabis is known to affect creativity in positive ways and many artists find their abilities enhanced when under the effects of THC. If you are a naturally creative person and love cannabis, then art could be the major for you. You will find plenty of fellow stoners to bounce ideas off and to enjoy a few tokes with. Who knows, you could be the next Picasso.

Even if you don’t want to paint, there are different majors focusing on art, including graphic design. This is a great business opportunity, especially by combining your mad skills with your love of cannabis. New cannabis businesses will pay big bucks for well-designed cannabis artwork.

2. Business

Why not combine your love of cannabis with a love of business. There are so many business opportunities relating to cannabis. Even people that don’t love cannabis are cashing in on this growing industry. Why not be one of the first people to do something, you could find yourself with the next big idea. Business majors are often open-minded people, so other than the stoners who also study with you, the rest of your peers should be interested in any good business ideas that you might have.

Don’t think that cannabis makes you lazy. It can, but it also gives you a sense of purpose that some might not have without it. Focus on that which you love and it will make you happy and make you rich!

3. Horticulture

College Majors for Stoners

Let’s get down to growing! If you are a lover of cannabis, horticulture is full of passionate individuals who love growing – cannabis and other plants alike. You will find your fair share of stoners in this major and they are all enthusiastic about entering this newly legalized industry. There are so many opportunities available now for growers that this major just makes sense.

You can become a cannabis grower, specializing in either THC/CBD, you can grow hemp, specializing in the different areas available, or you can focus on breeding new strains or seeds. Join the green revolution by leading the charge into new cannabis filled worlds.

4. Philosophy

College Majors for Stoners

We’ve all had those moments when we toked up and we started thinking about some deep stuff. Maybe you were with your friends and you spent the next hour talking about whether America really made it to the moon. Whatever the topic, cannabis has a profound effect on our interests. Things that were previously unimportant become so interesting and it can lead to some powerful thoughts. If you enjoy this aspect of smoking weed, then maybe majoring in philosophy is for you. Here you will find an entire major filled with people who love talking about deep things. Toke up and enjoy thinking about some real topics. Maybe don’t smoke too much before the essays though, otherwise, you might be falling asleep after 200 words.

5. Law

College Majors for Stoners

Feel strongly about the legalization of weed? Well, nows your chance to make a difference. Canada was the first western country to legalize cannabis but it shouldn’t be the last. The world needs more people who are willing to fight for the legalization of this miracle plant. Many American states are still illegal and this means innocent people are being arrested for possession of a plant. It’s not right. Even if you can’t miraculously make it legal, you can help those that are suffering from it being illegal. Good people shouldn’t need to be made into lifelong felons just because of some Mary Jane.

Even once cannabis has become legal it will require lawyers knowledgeable in the field. Why? Because cannabis legalization will still be regulated even though it is legal. Illegal sale and cultivation can still be grounds for arrest and there will need to be lawyers on both sides, to defend and to prosecute.

6. Chemistry

College Majors for Stoners

This last one is for the exceptionally clever among us. If you loved chemistry in high school and you want a major that can also work with your love of cannabis, look no further. This major is arguably more sought after than the others, simply because of the difficulty involved. Chemistry majors will be able to work with advanced extractions, allowing for the creation of high-quality oils and tinctures. For the time being it isn’t a requirement to work in a cannabis lab, but if you want to be pushing the field to new levels you will really need to know the ins-and-outs of Chemistry.

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