The Best Vape Brands Online to Stay Lifted

Best Vape Brands Online

Navigating the seas of online stores that sell awesome vaporizers can be, intense. Because most of the shops are top -rated, how do you know which one to shop at? Or better yet, once you’ve chosen a site, which product out of the thousands listed will you look at buying?

Your decision should be based on what you’re hittin’. What’s your pleasure: Dry herb concentrates, or e-liquid cartridges? Once you’ve figured that out, it’s up to you to choose the type & tech you want to use.

The basic types of vapes are as followed: desktop, pens, and portable. If you are a cannabis connoisseur and enjoy dabbling (see what I did there?) in both dry herb and extracts like shatter, opt for a portable or tabletop vaporizer to get the job done.

$60 and Under

We get it. Times are tight. So I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of favorite vapes that are sure to get you medicated (or blitzed) in minutes. The online shops I used to find these rad deals were Mig Vapor, Namaste Vaporizers, and VaporDNA. Each site has their own perks and a solid online reputation for quality service.

Mig Vapor: Herb-e

With impressive 5 star reviews from many happy stoners, the Herb-e from Mig Vapor is my top choice for portable dry herb vaporizers under $60. Okay, so it’s $59.95, but in my opinion, it is well worth it. Why? Well, it is super-duper small (great for discretion), and it’s insanely powerful.

Pulsar: APX V2

Best Vape Brands Online

I found the APX V2 on VaporDNA for $59. It’s easy to use system is only 4 inches in length, perfect for pocketing and heading out the door. It takes 30 seconds to heat up the ceramic chamber to your ideal temp. Setting- there are 5 to choose from. It charges in less than two hours and is intended for the use of dried cannabis.

Grizzley: Honey Dab

For concentrates and extracts only, the Honey Dab pen from Grizzly is an impressive $35 from Namaste Vaporizers. The stainless-steel exterior of the pen holds the driving heating system made from either ceramic or quartz in an instant. For the price, it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys concentrates and wants an affordable vape pen.

Top Rated

These are the most reviewed and top-rated vaporizers for both dried cannabis flower, concentrates, and cartridges. Most of these devices cost around $200. If you are a daily user, your initial investment will pay for itself immediately.

There are multiple online shops you can choose from to purchase these top brands like Vape World, Vaporizer Chief, and Planet of the Vapes, which is my personal favorite. Why do you ask? Because Tim Burton’s 2001 adaptation of Pierre Boulle’s classic, that’s why. 

Pax 3

Best Vape Brands Online

The new and improved Pax is Bluetooth capable and comes with a fancy app. Customize your temperature settings, change the LED colors, and even play games with your vape. The complete kit is around $250 and comes with a compartment designed to for cannabis concentrates. However, if you like to keep it basic and puff on dry herb only, it’ll cost you around $200.

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 from Arizer is more technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor. Equipped with an impressive LED display that contains many customizable temperature settings as well as an all-glass vapor path, you can take the Solo 2 with you on the go, or cuddle up in your favorite seat and indulge in your favorite her at home.

Haze Square Pro

The Haze Square Pro is a vape you need to take note of. Busting onto the scene with a 10-year warranty, adjustable temp presets app control, and four full ceramic chambers easily capable of vaping everything such as e-juice, concentrates, and dry herb.

Best Selling

Of all the vaporizers in all the vape lands, these are the top-selling devices. People who have purchased these devices are more than satisfied- myself included. If you have a couple hundred dollars to invest in a high-quality and high-tech toking experience that is medically better for you than smoking, opt for one of these guys.

FireFly 2

Best Vape Brands Online

The internet says, “if James Bond had a vaporizer, it would be the FireFly.” It’s probably true. Like the Pax, the FireFly can combust both cannabis flowers and concentrates. It is also Bluetooth capable which allows you to manage remotely and vape, yes, and vape, via an app you download to your smartphone. The cost of this tech-savvy toastable device is around $330.

Pax 2

Since Pax Labs introduced North America to the original Pax, there has been a massive shift towards vaping across Canada and the US. I speak from personal experience. I put down my bong to take a more sophisticated and mature (who am I kidding?) a way of getting baked.

Priced initially at (an out of this world) $345, it is now priced at a more than fair $145. If you want a device that you can customize to your exact needs, and that you can consume nearly any cannabis product in, then come, join us! Drink the kool-aid, it tastes great!

Arizer Extreme Q

Hello, future! A remote-controlled device for getting toasted? Where were you in my youth? The Extreme Q from Arizer may seem similar to the classic tabletop Volcano vaporizer, but this voluptuous vaping machine is its own device in many ways.

There are so many features that allow you to utilize their convection heating method to customize your experience. If you are consuming cannabis for medical purposes, you need a reliable device that will produce the effects you need.

Overall Feelz

If you tend to be reclusive, or only medicate at home, opt for the Extreme Q or a similar desktop vaporizer. However, if you live an active lifestyle and are on the go, check out the many portable options available. Because I indulge in both concentrates and dried cannabis, I choose a device that will vaporize it all.

Definitely take the time to shop around if you can because you are sure to find a great deal on the vape you want. Hopefully, this article has helped you navigate the vast lands of vape territory a little easier. Now, you go shopping, and I’ll turn on my Pax. Sound like a plan? No? Alrighty then. Whatever you do, stay lifted!

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