The Best Ways to Quickly Sober Up From Cannabis

Ways to Quickly Sober Up From Cannabis

Are you too high right now? Don’t worry, cannabis is completely harmless and other than freaking yourself out, it is unlikely anything bad will happen to you. Of course, not all of us react the same to cannabis, so what might be a mild experience for one person can end up being a very intense experience for another. You could also need to meet people or do something where being so high isn’t appropriate. Either way, it is always good to know how to quickly sober up, even if you don’t need it now, because one day you or one of your friends may be too high and you will be able to help out with these tips on how to quickly sober up from cannabis.

1. Relax

If you are feeling the effects of cannabis and not enjoying how intense it is, the best advice is to relax. Most of the time what you are feeling is entirely in your head. So many people have taken cannabis and thought something bad was happening to them, only to be rushed to the hospital to find out nothing is wrong with them – you do not have to be that person. You have taken a mind-altering substance and will be experiencing things that don’t feel ‘normal’. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride – it isn’t going to last forever.

Two possible side effects of taking cannabis are low blood pressure and an elevated heart rate, so don’t panic If you stand up and feel a bit light-headed or your heart is beating a bit faster than usual. These are normal side effects and will pass as the initial wave of THC works through your system. Just sit down during these times and relax.

2. CBD

Yes, that’s right. CBD can actually help you sober up from taking too much THC. It has to do with the receptors in our brains that THC binds to, resulting in the high experience. CBD effects the relationship between THC and the receptor, resulting in a weakened effect. CBD is nature’s way to sober you up and it can be found in both cannabis CBD and hemp seed CBD.

3. Water

Ways to Quickly Sober Up From Cannabis

Nothing is more refreshing than cold water on a hot day, but water can also help with sobering you up. Taking too large a dose of THC can sometimes feel uncomfortable and water is one of the first things people go to when they want to sober up. Water cleanses and washing your face is the first thing you should do. A splash of cold water in the face really brings you back to reality and if you are really eager to sober up, a cold shower is even better.

Staying hydrated is also important. One can often forget to drink water if focused on sobering up. Continue drinking water to help flush the body and drink some juice if you are feeling light-headed. The sugary juice gives you a boost of energy, which also helps to sober you up.

4. Eat

Cannabis helps with your appetite so even if you usually struggle to eat, you may find you have an appetite after taking cannabis. This is a great way to enjoy the experience, Eating food is a lot of fun when high but it also helps sober you up. Even if there isn’t much science behind it, getting more energy and enjoying yourself is a good enough reason to try it out.

5. Do something else

Ways to Quickly Sober Up From Cannabis

Taking your mind off the experience can also help to sober you up. If you are with friends, try to engage in the conversation instead of worrying about being too high. Just enjoy the time and remember, it will wear off. Whether with people or alone, you can also do other activities to keep your mind off it. I wouldn’t recommend starting your essays for university, but do something easy and fun to keep you entertained. After a while, you will have forgotten about being high and will just be enjoying the moment. This is what a lot of people enjoy about taking THC, so don’t focus on the negative things, enjoy doing things with the people you love.

A great alternative activity that can prove very helpful is some exercise. When we exercise our brains release endorphins which are neurotransmitters. They can help us by dissolving the stress and taking the high away.

6. Sleep it off

If you have done everything else on this list and you still just want to sober up, then a foolproof way is to go to sleep. It might be difficult to actually fall asleep, but if you do manage it, you should wake up in an hour or so feeling a lot better. The THC should have moved through your system while you were sleeping but you may still feel a little bit different when you wake up. This is normal and you shouldn’t worry about it. If you hadn’t gone to sleep, you would probably still be feeling something at that point anyway.

7. Medication

This isn’t one that we recommend because it isn’t clever to mix different drugs. Before taking any medication you should be sure to speak to your doctor. Now that you can be honest about taking THC, your doctor can give you the best possible advice, along with medication that can be used with THC. If you are someone that gets panic attacks or other medical conditions, you can keep your prescribed drug on standby to provide some relief should they occur after taking THC.

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