The Powerful Potential of Cannabis for Treating Cancer

Cannabis for Treating Cancer

Cancer is a horrible disease that leaves people weakened, traumatized, and sometimes dead. There are both long-term and short-term effects and both the patient and their immediate friends and family are affected by its dark touch. If you know someone close to you who has cancer or you have cancer yourself, let’s start by saying be strong. Cancer is a long battle and from personal experience with family members, I know the trauma it can cause, both emotional and physical. Be strong and know that there are people who want to help you and by learning more about how to treat cancer with cannabis you could help fight back.

Cannabis has been illegal for most of the 20th century but now laws are changing all over the world. Since 2001, medicinal cannabis has been legal in Canada and states in America also legalized it at different times. People who need it as medicine should not have to worry about being seen as a common stoner. When you are fighting cancer, using cannabis isn’t just about getting high, it’s about trying to make a better life for yourself and those that are helping you. Let’s take a look at the powerful potential of cannabis for treating cancer.

Cannabis for Treating Cancer

Cannabis for Cancer Treatment

Considering cannabis as a treatment for cancer is very important, whether the cancer is newly diagnosed or already further along. There is a lot of controversy about the effects of modern methods of treating cancer, especially chemotherapy and radiation, and most people are looking at alternative methods to try to heal themselves.

Cannabis is one of these methods and it been used for hundreds of years as a medicine. Before you abandon all forms of modern medicine and replace it with cannabis, you should weigh up all the options and you may end up doing a combination of both. Don’t give up on modern medicine just yet, there have been major advancements and many people are living with their families today thanks to chemo or radiation. The goal is to get you healthy and cancer-free.

There are four areas that we are going to look at in this article. First, the treatment of cancer itself; second, the treatment/prevention of long-term side effects of chemo; third, the treatment of short-term side effects of chemo; fourth, the treatment of other cancer-related symptoms.

Treating Cancer with Cannabis

There is no cure for cancer but there is research into different ways to reduce the presence in your body. It has been found that we all have safe levels of cancer in our body, but it is whether or not these levels get too high that we are considered to ‘have cancer’. At this point, modern medicine usually goes to chemo, radiation, or removal (if possible). Whether you use these treatments or not, cannabis can go a long way in improving your success rate. It is not harmful when used with the other treatments. Cannabinoids have been proven to successfully decrease the flow of blood to cancer cells and like any cell, if there is no blood, it cannot survive. This works very similarly to chemotherapy, but it is natural and there are no side-effects. Get involved with quality cannabis oils as soon as you can to stop the spread of cancer throughout the body.

Cannabis for Treating Cancer

Treating Long-Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy with Cannabis

Chemotherapy is unfortunately quite harmful to the body. It not only attacks cancer but most living cells in the body. This leaves patients weak and can expose them to other illnesses. Two of the main long-term side effects are osteoporosis (weak bones) and neuropathy (weak nerves). The best cannabinoid to use for these long-term side effects is CBD. It focuses on the body and many people have had success in treating and even preventing their osteoporosis and neuropathy thanks to this wonderful cannabinoid. Make sure you get high-quality CBD oil so that you don’t have to worry about the high that comes with THC oils.

Treating Short-Serm Side Effects of Chemotherapy with Cannabis

Other than long-term side effects, you will find that chemotherapy is quite draining in the short-term as well. After a long session, you are going to feel exhausted and you may also feel nauseous. If you are tired and weak, vomiting is going to be the last thing that makes you feel better. Try THC or CBD to help with your nausea. A nice joint, bong rip, or even high-quality oils will help relieve your nausea. Don’t forget, THC also gives you the munchies, so if you are struggling to eat after chemo, then THC is definitely your friend.

Treating Other Cancer-Related Symptoms with Cannabis

There is no limit to the cancer-related symptoms that one can have. You may find yourself afraid, anxious, depressed, in pain, or angry with your friends/family. This is all natural and you should not be worried about it. Luckily, cannabis can help you, both with CBD and THC. THC will help with any mental symptoms you might have, while CBD can help with any bodily pains.

Remember, each person will have unique symptoms and you might react differently. This is completely normal and with the help of your friend Mary Jane, you will get through this tough time. Stay strong and fight cancer into submission!

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