Top 5 Travel Destinations for Weed Lovers

travel destinations for weed lovers

Stoner tourism is quite fascinating, especially if you enjoy smoking a joint in unrestricted areas. If you are a passionate smoker, you must be willing to experience exotic strains across different cannabis cultures without having to worry about legal repercussions. There is a long list of travel destinations for weed lovers across the globe. Without a doubt, these spots are great for cannabis enthusiasts – from weed-friendly hotels to walking tours, the list is endless. So, pack your bags and be ready to witness a world of pure cannabis bliss.

Cannabis Destinations in the United States:

It is important to survey the local laws in the United States before traveling to any part of the country. Some common restrictions are:

  • You must not drive under the influence of cannabis in some states
  • You must meet the age limit to qualify for cannabis purchase of consumption
  • Pot is restricted by law even though recreational marijuana may be legalized in the United States
  • Public consumption of marijuana is illegal
Travel Destinations for Weed Lovers

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This destination is for adventurous travelers. For anyone who lives within the radius of the chaotic pace of Southeast Asia, this neighborhood offers great solace for you. One thing Cambodia is famous about is her rich history. Coupled with the temples scattered around the destination, you will enjoy the addictive Cambodian pizza – and by ‘addictive’, you guessed right. Even though cannabis is legal in Cambodia, the police consider the possession of the addictive drug to be offensive. But you will have no problem with the police if you are discreet about your consumption. The price is just perfect for the level of quality of the specimen. Backpacker’s district and the Lake Side are the best places to sample great-tasting pizzas. And if you’d prefer to buy from the street dealers, there is a discrepancy in quality.

Portland, Oregon

The recent legalization of cannabis in Portland is spectacular. More so, the location is great to combine booze with your supply. Although Portland is not a place to experience long months of constant rain and cloudy skies, the sunshine more than makes up for the deficiency – and the locals maximize the supply as much as possible. Brace yourself for numerous travel destinations for weed lovers and an endless celebration of the recent legalization. The assortments of local food will keep your tummy filled throughout the day. And the beautiful scenery will keep you coming back for more. Nevertheless, it is legal to travel with cannabis (up to one ounce), the best time to enjoy the specimen is around October. Therefore, you may want to try out new samples such as NORML.

Travel Destinations for Weed Lovers

Nimbin, Australia

Nimbin is the drug capital of the country. According to history, the destination is home to Hemp embassy and the Mardi Gras festival. Since the city isn’t famous for summer, you may enjoy some time off from the heat in Nimbin. Generally, Australia is a warm place in winter. But the candle factory may pique your interest instead of the beach if you explore enough.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is deep-rooted in the history of stoners. In this destination, you will relish in decades of cannabis culture that spans different countries. A beautiful sunrise is one of the many features of Amsterdam as the twisting canals glow in the glistening of the sun. The spot is blissful to express your touristy traits without making so much effort – the coffee shops and museums are strategically located in the city to allow you to unleash the explorer in you. The city presents a different opportunity in summer – from beaches to all-night parties, and outdoor events, the city is a one-stop destination for you in summer.

Vancouver, Canada

The best opportunity to enjoy the full splendor of the city is in summer. To make you stay a bit more enjoyable, you can try the Hastings St, an area where different locals help to make your stay a fulfilling one. Interestingly, you may gain access to the mystical specimen that they don’t send to other countries. Do not forget about the outskirts of the city after spending a long time in town. Vancouver boasts of many activities, you may find yourself planning for your next trip if you are not careful.

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