The Ultimate Travel Guide for USA Cannabis Tourism

USA cannabis tourism is exploding. A couple of years ago most people’s idea of ‘cannabis tourism’ would be just getting high by themselves before going somewhere cool. Now that’s no longer the case thanks to the laws changing in many states throughout America. USA cannabis tourism can take you to different amazing places while making it a full-on cannabis experience – the best of both worlds.

Grow Tours

Grow Tours are a really fun way to experience cannabis if you’re interested in cultivation or the history of cannabis. More and more grow ops are opening their doors to USA cannabis tourism so that they can show people the beauties of growing and expand everyone’s knowledge about cannabis. If you live in a state where cannabis growing is legal, you’re in luck as all of these states have a grow operation available to see. Remember, these aren’t your average home growers; these are full scale grow operations with hundreds, sometimes thousands of plants. You will see and learn a lot of you want to, so take it all in and see the sheer scale that cannabis is grown in the USA.

Green Tours in Los Angeles

A real USA cannabis tourism experience is to be had with them. Everything is legal and you know that you’re going to quality facilities that have everything properly managed. It’s good to know that what you’re viewing is the real deal, adding more meaning to the experience. They specialize in Los Angeles County and also offer additional activities such as glass blowing and seed education.

West Coast Cannabis Tours in San Diego

This company also offers cannabis grow tours for those interested in learning more about the nitty gritty of growing. Not only can you view a top quality facility, but they also have two other grow tour options that go out of the usual scope. Dispensary tours are available at one of two of San Diego’s most prestigious dispensaries and grow-your-own tours are available which focus on personal and commercial grow aspects and include a lot of very useful information for anyone starting out in the world of cannabis cultivation.

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420 Bus Tour in Oregon

This cannabis-friendly bus tour is the perfect way to learn while relaxing with some cannabis. There are many different locations to choose from in the Portland area. Included on the tour is a stop at Collective Awakenings dispensary to purchase bud and then enjoy a nice group session and discussion. If you’re looking for a cannabis tour that incorporates sightseeing, smoking, and high talk, then 420 Bus Tour is a perfect choice.

Kush Tourism

Kush Tourism is a grow tour paradise, with different options to choose from in all 50 states. All of the tours are shaped based on the available resources in the state, so what you’re looking for will affect which state you want to go on a Kush Tour. These tours come highly reviewed and also include various cannabis experiences to accompany the tours. Their tours can also span over multiple days, including stays at hotels or camping locations.

Humboldt Cannabis Tours

Another USA Cannabis tourism attraction is Humboldt County. Most people in America who are interested in cannabis know about Humboldt County and the Emerald Triangle. There is a lot of interesting cannabis history to learn as well as many grow operations to see. Humboldt Cannabis Tours gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with this legendary cannabis area while visiting some of the most well-known cannabis farms in the country. The tours usually last about 7 hours and they cost $159 per person. The tour company also has partnerships with cannabis friendly hotels and restaurants should you require accommodation or a place to eat.

Cannabis Experiences

USA cannabis tourism is growing in this department. Many places are offering cannabis-infused or cannabis-friendly experiences – and I’m not just talking about edibles. These experiences range from going on a hike to a full-on 6-course meal at a restaurant. There are many different entrepreneurs that are opening up their minds to include the potentials of cannabis. There are so many different things to do that anyone can find something to enjoy.

USA Cannabis Tourism

CBD Cocktails in California

These aren’t just any cocktails, these are cannabis-infused cocktails. At Madison on Park, you can enjoy these CBD cocktails which give you a  non-psychoactive cannabis experience that anyone can enjoy. In addition to this signature cocktail, named Mr. Nice, you can also add $5 to any cocktail to include CBD oil. This is a great way to enjoy a casual night out with friends while getting to enjoy some relaxing cannabis fun. Let’s not forget about the amazing food that you can order, the perfect combination when served with cannabis.

In-House Hotel Dispensary in California

If you’re staying in California, why not stay at a hotel that has its own dispensary. That’s right, the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood now has its own dispensary inside its doors. Lord Jones products are some of the hottest attractions at this dispensary and it goes a long way to make cannabis tourists feel more at home. It also goes without saying that any smoking area can be used as a cannabis smoking area, so feel free to puff up while staying here as well.

Modern Dispensary Experience in Oregon

How can going to a dispensary count as USA cannabis tourism, but it does when you’re going to Serra Dispensary in Portland. This dispensary is worth a trip on its own and is basically a tourist attraction. The modern and clean space makes you feel at home, surrounded by light-colored furniture, glass, and plenty of plants (not cannabis ones, unfortunately). Next time you’re in Portland on the surrounding area, why not get your cannabis in style at this beautiful dispensary.

Cannabis Hotel Package in Oregon

They might not have their own dispensary, but The Jupiter Hotel goes a step further to offer the first cannabis hotel package. Guests can choose this package to enjoy a few cannabis-infused extras to their hotel stay. A munchie kit, a vape pen, a copy of Dope Magazine, and a bunch of local dispensary discount coupons are provided, making this one sweet deal for cannabis lovers. They’re located in Portland so you’ll be centrally located and able to access a lot of the other USA cannabis tourism in Oregon.

Cannabis Painting

No, you’re not going to be painting pictures of cannabis – well you can, but that’s not the point. The point of Puff, Pass & Paint is to give USA cannabis tourism an opportunity to enter the world of art. For $49 you can smoke, eat edibles, and enjoy any other marijuana-related activity while painting. Let your artistic flairs flow as you embrace the creativity from the cannabis. There are Puff, Pass & Paint studios located in the states of Colorado, D.C., California, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, and Nevada – so get involved!

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Learn how to cook with cannabis in Colorado.

Tourists can combine their love for activities with their love of cannabis in these cannabis cooking classes. Lead by Chef Jarod Farina, you can enjoy a 3-hour class where you learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. It’s all about cannabis edibles at this class and not only the sweet kind. You’ll learn and be treated to a variety of appetizers and entrees which are available in both vegan and vegetarian options so everyone can get involved without any excuses. These lessons can be organized through Colorado Cannabis Tours and it’s important that you bring your own concentrate because otherwise, you’re going to be happy with just learning and not actually getting a final cannabis product to sample.

Cannabis culinary experience in Las Vegas

Be prepared to be pampered with a complete cannabis culinary experience by Cultivating Spirits. Everything is prepared by their chef and serving staff who are masters and combining cannabis and food in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for the best cannabis to pair with your meal then their Cannabis Sommelier should be able to select something from their large stock list. This is a 5-star culinary experience that provides you with three courses from their specially selected menu. Anywhere from 6 – 24 people can enjoy these cannabis dinners, so it is a great USA cannabis tourism experience to do with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. They have different packages available for beginner cannabis users, occasional cannabis users, and regular cannabis users so that everyone can get the most out of the experience.

Cannabis Festivals

Cannabis Festivals have been taking place before it was made legal in any state. Now you can enjoy legal festivals that celebrate the love of cannabis. USA cannabis tourism thrives with Cannabis Festivals and it brings in a lot of support for the industry. Cannabis festivals are a great place to meet other growers, discover new startups, and find the latest and greatest in the cannabis world.

USA Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis Cup

Without a doubt, the Cannabis Cup has to be mentioned first on the list of cannabis festivals worth attending. The Cannabis Cup is a world famous cannabis festival/contest that attracts thousands of people each year. Luckily, there are usually 6 Cannabis Cups each year, but only 5 of them take place in America. If you’re interested, you can choose between Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, and Clio (in Michigan). All of these events are something to behold but a few of the locations just bring in more people each year due to sheer size and popularity. The contests that take place at Cannabis Cup really do mean a lot to growers and everyone is there to see what the next great strain is going to be – if you’re making your own strain then it’s your dream to compete in a Cannabis Cup.

4/20 in Denver

Denver, Colorado is home to another great USA cannabis tourism festival. 4/20 festival is a stoner’s dream and it takes place every year on the national stoner holiday of April 20th. Not only thousands, but tens of thousands of people congregate to get high together. If you love festivals and smoking then 4/20 is a must see the next time you’re in Denver.

HempFest in Seattle

This festival is one of the biggest in the world and no surprise why it is one of the biggest USA cannabis tourism attractions. This festival has been held since 1991 and is one party paradise. It’s held outdoors and started with a mere 500 people, growing to over 200,000 at the last festival. This is an event that you can’t miss if you love cannabis festivals, so get over to Seattle in August and make it happen.

Hash Bash in Michigan

Festivals with rhyming names are always cooler right? Well, Hash Bash definitely is one of the hottest cannabis festivals in America. Hash Bash only happens once a year but it’s a great opportunity to celebrate cannabis with your fellow festival-goers. It’s one of the oldest running cannabis festivals in America, with the first one being held in 1971. Hash Bash takes place in the cannabis-friendly city of Ann Arbon on the campus of the University of Michigan. It started out as a gathering for hippies and those that wanted to speak out about the laws against cannabis and has turned into the event that it is today with people from all over the country making the mission to party it up at Hash Bash.

Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

If you’re interested in a cannabis festival that’s a lot less about smoking cannabis and a lot more about learning more about the different business and investment point of views, then this is the perfect one for you. It’s not your typical ‘festival’ but it offers a great opportunity to learn a lot about the cannabis industry. The last event had over 1,000 professionals with plenty of speeches, exhibits, and networking to be enjoyed by festival goers.

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