True North Seed Bank Review 2022

The True North Seed Bank is a cannabis distributor based in Canada, with another distribution center also in the United Kingdom.
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The True North Seed Bank is a cannabis distributor based in Canada, with another distribution center also in the United Kingdom. True North provides high-quality marijuana seeds for both medical and non-medical use. Ordering cannabis seeds is made easy on their website.

A customer can also call their customer service number or fill out a downloadable mail order form to order their choice of seeds. There are a lot of aspects that make True North Seed Bank some people’s number one cannabis seed source.

Discreetness, variety, quality, and convenience are only a few things that make True North Seed Bank stand out. Whether for personal use or for a business True North respects their customers. They provide great resources on their website so customers can find the exact strain they are looking for. They also have resources to help customers find the strain that would work best for medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis.

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True North Seed Bank basic principles and history

Canada legalized the use of cannabis in October of 2018. This made Toronto a great location for a cannabis seed bank. True North Seed Bank is also known as North America Seed Bank, NASB. When they were first founded True North only sold seeds for medical purposes.

As recreational use around the world is becoming more and more legal, they can also sell cannabis seeds for alternative purposes. Though True North Seed Bank is still a relatively new concept, their name is becoming a familiar one.

They do not provide a full back story for the company. However, True North’s main goals are to make their customers feel wanted and safe. They want their customers to feel comfortable while browsing their website.

True North Seed Bank is a popular option for cannabis seeds because they offer the widest variety. They have over 1500 options from about 50 different cannabis breeding companies.

Many breeders are limited on how and where they can ship their products. True North provides a conglomerate location where breeders can remain distinct and independent and gain a larger customer base.

True North Seed bank believes in selling 100% fresh seeds. Their orders are guaranteed, ordered, and shipped with complete discretion.

Safe and discreet shipping, discounts on bulk seeds, daily promotions, and fast shipping also make True North a reputable company. The quality of the seeds provided to the customers is important to the company.

Quality of cannabis strain seeds

True North Seed Bank does not breed their own seeds. They are purely a location where all strains and seeds from multiple breeders around the world can be sold. Some customers have reported getting seeds that were of a lower quality than they had hoped for.

The quality of the seeds is determined by the breeder chosen by the customer. True North makes sure all seeds listed for sale are 100% fresh. However, it is encouraged that a customer does their own research into the breeders when choosing the right strain.

Some of the top-rated breeders on the website include Barney’s Farm, BC Bud Depot, and Royal Queen Seeds. There are a few things to consider when thinking about quality.

The better-quality seeds will cost more. True North Seed Bank offers seeds priced for a variety of budgets. One seed can range from $11 to $250. Some seeds are offered in a pack of five starting at $38 and can range up to $1,000.

These amounts are in US dollar on the website and should be converted for each customer’s own currency. These prices are reasonable considering not all of them are able to ship internationally otherwise. A customer is not only paying for quality, but for the convenience of having this large variety of seeds in one place.

True North customers can also buy in bulk, 100 to 1000 seeds at a time. The strains offered in bulk can range from $280 to $600 for 100 seeds. While 1000 seeds can range from $1,600 to $2,500. Buying the seeds in bulk would qualify for free shipping. Not only are the price ranges a great variety for customers the seeds offered come in a wide variety as well.

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Seed variety

Not only does True North Seed Bank provide access to a number of well known and up and coming breeders, but they also provide a good variety of strains. When maneuvering around the website, there are several filter options. Each option will help a customer locate the strain that is best for them.

They offer indica and sativa strains. They offer a variety of strains with high and low THC content. A customer can find a variety of CBD and hemp seed options.

As well as strains that are offered by cultivation and genetic varieties. Meaning they organize the seeds by how quickly they grow, where they grow best, or how much product the seed would yield. The strains are also offered in a variety of colors.

At the top of the website, there are several tabs that organize the content. One tab to explore is called seedbanks. This tab offers a list of all the breeding companies whose seeds are available on the site. This is a great way to organize a variety of seeds as well.

It is not a secret that the variety of seeds offered is one of the more attractive points of this company. Seeds may not always be in stock. When a customer is browsing the website, they can hover their cursor over the picture of the strain they would like to purchase. Depending on the availability the words “out of stock” will appear if that strain is unavailable.

On the contrary, a shopping basket will appear if the stock is available. If a strain is out of stock do not panic. True North will have other strains that are similar. They can also be contacted about out of stock strains if a customer needs more information or help finding a similar product.

These cannabis companies are limited when it comes to international shipping. They are also limited by the type of payment they can accept. A customer who likes a breeder but cannot buy directly from their website can find them on the True North site. True North has something for every customer. Along with the seed variety, True North offers several great sale options.

Promotions and discounts

True North has a large list of promotions that changes every day. They offer deals based on the holiday season or ones that are breeder specific. For example, they offer a Black Friday sale and a 420 sale in April. Another example, if a customer purchases a strain from the promoted breeder, they can get 25% off or they will be listed in that breeder’s raffle for free seeds.

They also have deals where a customer can spend a certain amount of money and get something for free. On top of daily promotions, first-time buyers can sign up to receive True North’s newsletter and will get 20-30% off their first purchase. With every purchase, a customer will also receive another seed for free.

The True North Loyalty Program is another great way to get free and discount seeds. Also, a customer can drag their cursor over the organized tabs at the top of the website page. The tab labeled seedbanks will have red squares next to specific seedbanks featured that are offering promotions or discounts.

Promotions can also be find advertised at the bottom of any page being viewed on the website. Limited edition and limited release seeds are not promoted in the promotions tab. However, they are available and can be found under the seedbank tab. Limited seeds are great way to find unique seeds.

When browsing the website some shoppers would recommend locating the promotions tab and looking over the deals provided before purchasing.

When hovering over the promotions tab, there is also a special offers option. This option can open up deals for not only seeds, but for accessories as well. It important to note, only one discount can be applied per order.  

Is it safe?

True North offers great promotions, they are customer conscious, and they offer a wide variety. However, consumers want to know if it is truly safe to use. With a product that still brings about the need to be cautious, customers want to know their information and privacy is secure.   

True North Seed Bank is not a scam. They are a legit company. True North is not trying to take money for a product the customer will never receive.

They have shipping procedures in place to ensure products safely reach their destination. Guaranteed Delivery Insurance and “Extra Safe” options that will be explained at a later time, keep shipping safe. The bland packaging allows for shipping to also be discreet.

They also accept a number of different payment methods. Each method of payment offered is taken and processed on a secure level. They will not sell your information to another party and they will not spam a customer through phone calls or emails when a customer provides personal information.

True North has an SSL certificate which allows for a safe and encrypted connection with its customers. On the True North Website, at the bottom of the page under the category company information, anyone can read over the privacy policy.

Unlike some other boring privacy policies, True North breaks down all their information. They explain what information they collect and how it is used.

They explain all the cookies they use when a customer is using the site. And they explain how and why they are safe and secure. It is presented in a way that is readable and eliminates the fine print if the time is taken to read over this provided information.

They are a discreet company, and safety is a personal goal of True North Seed Bank. That being said, it is up to the customer to know whether cannabis is legal and safe for their specific area.

Payment methods

Everything about True North seems to be varied. Alongside many strain options, a wide variety of payment methods is also offered.

True North accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Credit Cards, international gift cards are also accepted. They accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Litecoin. They also accept bank transfers. For US and Canadian customers international money orders are also accepted. E-transfers are offered only for Canadian buyers.

Each payment method is received and processed securely. It is important to note, credit card payments will be charged an additional 7.5% processing fee.

Bank transfers are also subject to additional fees. It is also recommended that a customer ensure their credit/debit cards are activated for international use. If a customer would like to avoid the credit card fees, the website offers a link for customers to purchase bitcoin currency.

There are some negative reviews about True North based on some issues with payment. A few important notes. An order will not be shipped until it is paid for in full. Orders are charged in Canadian dollars, and the conversions to other currencies are only an approximation. The customer is responsible for import taxes for their specified countries.

At the bottom of the web page under the category company information is a link for wholesale cannabis seeds. This site is also part of True North and accepts the same payment methods. In addition to the price of seeds, a customer will also need to consider international shipping costs.

Shipping rates and delivery process

True North ships from Canada or from the distribution center located in the United Kingdom. An order will be shipped from the distribution center that is closest to the shipping address provided. They charge a flat rate for shipping, the number of seeds purchased has no effect on the shipping rate. Orders over $525 CA, or about $420 USD, do qualify for free shipping.

The seeds will be received in the original package from the breeder. No return address will be provided on the package, and there will be no hints that would expose the contents of the package.

The only information on the package delivered will be the shipping address provided by the customer. True North takes pride in their discreet shipping service and is a feature a lot of customers appreciate as well.

The flat rate for shipping is determined by the location of the shipping address. Flat rates make shipping easier for everyone. An important note, any promotions applied to a purchase will not change the rate of shipping.

In addition to these flat rates additional safety options are provided if the customer would like a little more assurance and security for their seeds. For customers in the US and Canada ‘Guaranteed Delivery Insurance’ can be purchased. This provides peace of mind if the package does not arrive at its designated location True North will resend the package.

Another additional shipping safety option is called Extra Safe stealth shipping. This option provides an additional product for customers to purchase, t-shirts, hemp bags, wallets, etc.

This safety option adds the preferred item to your shipment in the same package as the seeds. Extra Safe stealth shipping will help ensure the package is not stolen and reaches its intended destination. The additional item could be changed depending on materials in stock.

Delivery times and rates

Shipping rates and delivery times are directly related to where the package is going in the world.

Addresses in the US and Canada costs approximately $20 CA. For addresses in Europe, it would cost the customer about $35 CA. Those shipping to Australia and New Zealand would cost about $75 CA, and Costa Rica would cost about $55 CA. Addresses in Africa are the most expensive at $180 CA, any other locations would be $70 CA flat rate.

These are the flat rates provided. The Guaranteed Delivery Insurance and the Extra Safe shipping options will cost the customer more. Import taxes may cost more as well depending on where the package is being shipped.

Like the rates, estimated delivery times are directly related to where the package will be shipped to. For shipments going to the U.S. and Canada, estimated delivery times are between 5 and 14 business days. Similarly, addresses in Europe average 3 to 14 business days.

Those shipping to Australia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, or Africa, it is expected to take 7 to 21 business days to arrive. Anywhere else in the world should allow for about 25 business days to receive their package.

Though it may take a while to receive a package, tracking details are provided. Shipments ship with the local post for the area. For customers in the U.S. expect to deal with the United States Postal System.

Disclaimers -True North Seed Bank review

True North Seed Bank is a great location for buying cannabis seeds in wide varieties.

However, they do have a few disclaimers that are important to understand before purchasing.

The seeds are tested for viability and germination for countries where this is legal. True North will not reimburse a customer if seeds do not germinate.

They do not provide any guarantees and are not liable for the products chosen. This is important to note. Though it may seem like something that wouldn’t be missed, most negative reviews about True North are due to a misunderstanding in this area.

New customers may want to consider reading and learning how to best germinate the seeds if this is their intended use.

True North encourages all customers to be aware and up to date on the legality of cannabis in their area before germinating the seeds. Though possession of cannabis seeds is legal in most countries germination of the seeds may not be. Germination of the seeds and knowledge of legality is the customer’s responsibility not the responsibility of True North Seed Bank.

For any return or refund requests, the customer has 7 days after receiving the product to call customer service. The product must not be opened. True North is still a new company and they are still making a name for themselves.

There are quite a few negative aspects of True North and one of them seems to be the disclaimers. Negative reviews about the company all seemed to be based on the misunderstanding of one of their disclaimers.

Customer service

True North Customer service can be described as adequate based on consumer reviews. The customer service provided is broken up into US and Canada, and international help. Overall customer service for any company is always hit or miss, and not everyone leaves a review. A lot of reviews on customer service for True North are negative.

The negative customer service experiences are mostly based on situations where seeds did not germinate. As discussed above, True North claims no responsibility, and nothing can be done when this happens, unfortunately.

When it comes to helping with lost packages and other customer problems the customer service is described as pleasant and helpful. When describing customer service based on email interaction a lot of customers reported getting no answer back at all.

They are still a new company and hopefully, some of the lack in customer service will be ironed out with time. It is important to be aware that a customer that has to deal with customer service may not have a great time doing it.

If you have to interact with True North’s customer service, it is encouraged that customers be patient but persistent.

Website usability

True North Seed Bank website has an attractive website design and is friendly and is easy for the average consumer to navigate. The top of the webpage offers well-labeled tabs in an easily read font and font size. Products are well organized, and customers can smoothly find what they are looking for.

The True North website offers numerous amounts of filters to help customers navigate the website. Seeds are broken up into categories such as color, genetics, cultivation, variety, sex, and special offers.

At the bottom of the web page is a category labeled as customer help. Under this tab, True North offers an advanced seed finder. Within this seed finder, a customer can break down what kind of strain they are looking for even more.

In this search engine, you can find seeds specified by name, effects, or CBD content. Not only this but a customer can also look for a strain based on specific medical conditions such as anxiety, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, epilepsy and more.

The advanced seed finder can help those who are unsure of what they are looking for. There are several filters that can eliminate some of the anxiety of having so many options. Where the number of different seeds and strains is great it can be overwhelming to look at a list of over 1500 options.

True North’s website provides location and contact information for the company. It also offers a list of new arrivals and best sellers right on the home page.

The images are high quality and do a good job showing what the flowered plant would look like if grown. On the top right-hand corner of the website, a customer can view their cart. Without leaving the page they are on they can track how many items are in the cart and how much money has been spent.

Overall, the True North Seed Bank website is easily used by the average consumer. They offer a number of filters and suggestions to help a customer find the perfect strain. The website is both attractive and the images provided make browsing fun even if a customer does not make a purchase.

True North Loyalty Program

Repeat True North customers may be interested in their offered loyalty program. Customers can earn their first 1500 points by simply registering their account. If interested in the loyalty program register the account first before doing anything else. Once registered sign up for the newsletter and not only will the customer get the 20-30% off the first order, but they will also be granted 2000 more loyalty points.

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For every dollar spent with True North 10 points are rewarded. 100 points can be earned by leaving customer reviews. Referrals are another way loyalty points can be awarded. These points would be awarded to both the customer and the person that is referred. Birthdays or noted special occasions can also be a great way to earn more points.  

Loyalty Points can be used whenever to apply a discount to a customer’s final order. Please note, loyalty points and a promotional code cannot be used at the same time. True North’s loyalty program is one of the better programs for cannabis seed banks.


While the overall experience with True North can be a great one it is important to note where some have found it less than fun.

When reading reviews on Reddit some people found issues and inconsistencies with the germination and growth of their plants. The quality did not seem to be what it was advertised. Others had shipping issues, such as longer shipping times than advertised. One person ordered their seeds and got them months after they were supposed to arrive.

Another person said their order was reported as complete, but they had never received it and they did not purchase the insurance either. Another common complaint, shipping costs. Some customers complained the flat rate shipping costs were unfair and too high.

The lack of customer service was another common complaint about this company. When having an issue one customer reported not hearing back from an email complaint for months. Another reported waiting on the phone for 2 hours before someone was able to help them.

Some customers would prefer there was a guaranteed germination option. The seeds and shipping are expensive, and customers want to know their seeds will grow flawlessly and True North will not guarantee that. They also will not provide a refund or free reorder for seeds that do not germinate. 

Trustpilot offered less than positive reviews for True North. They were rated 2 stars overall. All reviews reported similar issues to that of Reddit. Another site that provided detailed reviews was rollitup.

One person complained about the package not being discreet. They received their seeds in the original package. It was only wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed in an envelope.

Some have had less than good experiences with True North and some have had exceptional experiences.


True North Seed Bank is a reputable company whose main goal is to make sure their customers feel welcome and safe when using their site.  It is a great website for those looking to purchase a single cannabis seed or 1000 cannabis seeds. The price range of the seeds provided is flexible for personal or business budgets.

Along with the wide variety of prices, True North also offers over 1500 different strains. They offer about 50 different breeding companies to choose from as well. The convenience of having all of these in one place is helpful for both the breeding companies and the customers.

As stated above, True North is not a breeding company. Most breeding companies are limited by the locations they can ship too. True North allows them to reach a larger customer base.

Therefore, the quality of seeds is determined by the actual breeders. True North does their best to ensure all seeds are 100% fresh. However, they do not guarantee the germination of purchased seeds.

They offer discreet shipping and several secured payment methods making them one of the more usable seed banks. Their daily promotions and free seeds with every purchase adds a little more pizzazz for the money.

Delivery times and flat rate shipping is determined by location of the shipping address. Additional safe shipping options include Guaranteed Delivery Insurance and Extra Safe stealth shipping.  

Overall True North Seed Bank is a safe and reputable site for anyone looking to buy any number of cannabis seeds.

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