Types of Edibles for Every Occasion

Types of Edibles for every occasion - weedium
Types of Edibles for every occasion - weedium

There are so many types of edibles available, you’re going to struggle to choose. Let’s look at the different types of edibles provided, including both THC and CBD varieties. This is the best way to find medicinal and recreational edibles for your everyday use.

CBD vs THC edibles

Before you can choose which types of edible you want, you need to decide what you want the edible to do for you. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids present in most edibles. Both are great for your health and have a wide range of medicinal benefits, but the major difference is their psychoactivity.

THC is the compound famous for getting you high, it’s the one most of us know and the one many of us want. There are plenty of THC-infused edibles that will leave you high without requiring you to toke up.

Next, we have the CBD edibles. These are purely used for medicinal reasons as there is no psychoactive effect. Not only does it not get you high, but studies have found CBD helps block the effects of THC – making it a sort of natural anti-high. The bodily and mental effects are also astounding and CBD has great success in helping epilepsy and psychosis.

The best types of edibles

The best types of edibles for you will be based on your preference. Once you have decided on CBD vs THC, you are ready to make your next choice. There are many products to choose from so take your time and weigh the different factors like price, potency, effects, serving suggestions, and taste – after all, you want your edible to taste delicious, don’t you?

  • Cookies

Cookies and brownies are what most of us think of when we think of different types of edibles. They are the standard go-to recipe when you want to make a tasty THC-infused treat. Cookies and brownies are usually cheap, with the THC infusion being the most expensive part. It’s a great way to try out edibles without coughing out a lot of money for a 5-course meal.

Ginger chew cookies are a popular choice from your local dispensary in Vancouver. They are delicious and topped up with THC. These biscuits will definitely do the job, with 30mg of THC present in the whole batch. Their strong ginger flavor also makes it a great combination for those who don’t like the cannabis taste, they are rated as having a very mild cannabis flavor.

  • Sweets

Next, on the list, we have the sweet types of edibles. These are a new popular way of consuming THC/CBD because they are tasty and usually quite easy to control the dose with the smaller sweets. If you aren’t sure whether you’re going to like the effects of edibles, sweets are a great place to start.

Any sweet that you can imagine is being made infused with THC/CBD. Jelly sweets, chocolates, truffles, peanut butter cups, and rice crispy squares are among some of the delicious sweeties you can get at your local dispensary.

The gummy sweets, like jelly beans, are a popular choice among CBD users, with various CBD gummies available. Luckily for those that love THC, there are also THC bears available and they’re strong enough to give Goldilocks a run for her money.

For $10 you can purchase 10 gummy bears with a total of 10 mg THC per bear. This is a great way to medicate before bed or after a long day. The different flavors also cover the cannabis taste very well and you won’t even realize what you’re eating.

All sorts of chocolate treats are also available, including hot chocolate powders. If you’re a chocoholic then you have to get started with these types of edibles.

It will leave your taste buds tantalized and leave you nice and high. The hot chocolate is a great one to start with if you live somewhere cold. With 25 mg of THC per serving, you will be left feeling more than a little warm inside.

  • Meals

Yes, you read that correctly. There are now meal types of edibles available. Any delicious meal you can imagine can be infused with THC or CBD, so if you’re someone who appreciates fine dining, there’s something for you to enjoy.

We would be sitting here all night if you wanted to know all the different options available, but our local Canadian dispensary has a selection of curries, pasta, and pizzas. Their cannabis-infused curries are some of their best sellers, with elaborate flavors available, including, butter chicken, chana masala, and Indian curry sauce.

In addition to curries, the pizzas and pasta give you a taste of Italian cuisine. All the meals come in a variety of potential options and they also have ones that are high in CBD.

Should you be interested in one of these meals, you can choose between low (17 mg), medium (23 mg), and high (29 mg). There are so many different flavors and THC levels to choose from that you will struggle to find something that doesn’t suit your fancy.

If you’re in the mood for something less filling, you can also check out one of the cannabis-infused soups, like pea soup, Moroccan butternut soup, and carrot coconut soup. All of which come in the same potency range as the other meals.

  • Sauces

The next types of edibles we have are sauces. You don’t have to make the entire meal infused with cannabis if you don’t want to. Instead, you can make your own non-infused meal and add a delicious cannabis-infused sauce on top. This is a great way to keep the cannabis flavor and THC intensity under control because you simply need to add more or less sauce.

The sauces also come in the same potency range as the meals so you don’t have to worry about getting a sauce that is too strong for you. Start low and take it slow, so that you aren’t left feeling a bit too jolly after your meal.

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