Vaping Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know

Vaping Cannabis

Welcome to 2019 folks! A time where a single click of a button can help you avoid pesky advertisements like the plague, and also get you really, really stoned. Gone are the days where we had to sit through 2.5 minutes of advertising every time we watched 5 minutes of our favorite shows (thanks, YouTube).

Just like ads, the wonderful world of cannabis has been dramatically impacted by the future, which has drastically changed how we consume weed: the vaporizer. Yes, with a press of a button your favorite cannabis strain or concentrate instantly combusts for you to inhale in delight.

Whether you are turning to cannabis for a medical reason, or you are a beginner stoner looking to try something new, I have taken the liberty of breaking down the basics of vaping into easily digestible pieces- you can thank me later.

We will cover: how to actually use a vaporizer, what makes the best vaporizer, and all the different vaping experiences you can expect to encounter.

Different Vaping Experiences

Concentrates & Oils

By far the most popular way to vape is with an oil cartridge. A vape pen is a small and discreet vaporizer that is battery powered and great for those of us on the go. Using various extraction methods, cannabis compounds (cannabinoids) like THC and CBD as well as terpenes found in cannabis are highly concentrated.

There are many forms of concentrates like wax, oil, budder, shatter, isolate, and even 99.9%THC crystals. Just like the types of concentrates and extracts, there are an intense variety of vape cartridges on the market, so it is best to shop around and find a brand that you like. Opt for a product that uses aCO2-based extraction method for epic highness.

Dried Cannabis

A dry herb vaporizer is the closest you can get to smoking weed without actually, you know, smoking it. Who hasn’t sparked a doobie before? Either way, no judgment. If you don’t want to smoke pot, but you want to smoke pot, opt for a handheld vaporizer. 

These nifty gizmos heat up your cannabis to the point of combustion (not incineration) using convection or conduction heating- no burning.

In my opinion, the creme de la creme of portable vapes has to be the Pax 3 because you can enjoy both the dried flower and cannabis concentrates. It also has multiple temperature settings, which is ideal for getting the most out of your herb. (We’ll cover that in another article).


The first time I ever used a vaporizer it was a desktop vape. Think toaster. You won’t be carting these bad boys anywhere as they are the most unportable vape on the market.

Because certain terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis are activated at specific temperatures, especially when consuming cannabis for medical conditions, you should use a tabletop vape. It will give you ultimate control and more precision over any portable device (in my opinion of course). 

How to Vape

I remember the first time someone handed me a vaporizer. Gather ‘round kids! Let me tell you a story about a girl. It is about a desktop called the Volcano: Along time ago in the early millennium, my friend had a bag in his hand, and using a device called the volcano(italics for effects, naturally), he filled it with what looked to be only air.

 I laughed in his face! Ha, you want me to smoke that? I’m no dummy. After a couple of “just trust me” ‘s I finally took the full bag from his hand and inhaled nearly the entire thing.

Apparently, I was a dummy. Upon exhaling abruptly, my derriere hit the couch (I was standing) faster than a speeding bullet.

The moral of the story: Watch your intake! Start small, more importantly, start with a kosher cannabis extract that has levels no higher than 15% THC. The old adage: start low & go slow applies to vaping.

If you are consuming cannabis oil or flower for a medical condition, adjust your dose accordingly so that you’re receiving the exact amount to ease your symptoms.

Simple Steps to Using a Vaporizer

  • Press the button
  • Wait for it to reach the ideal temperature
  • Inhale slowly and gently
  • Exhale

The Best Cannabis Vaporizer

I’ve given my two, or four, cents down below. These are my personal favorite desktop, portable, and oil cartridge vape pens. Your choice may differ, and that’s a-okay with me! No hard feelings, homie.

 Think about your budget, your lifestyle, and the types of cannabis products you consume before you purchase your first vaping device. Also, in my eyes, vapes are like bongs…and Pokémon: gotta catch ‘em all. (Yah, I went there). One is fine, but as a cannabis connoisseur, having many pieces is divine.

Vaping Cannabis

Pax 3

First on my list is the Pax 3 because as I write this article it is sitting on my desk, and I am staring at it out of the corner of my eyeball. It’s good. Pax is pricey, but it is good. Better than that really, it’s dope. There is an app you can download to fine-tune your temp settings, change the led colors that light up, and even play games with your Pax!

You can customize your temperature settings to maximize the use of any type of cannabis product. There is a compartment you can load concentrates like shatter and wax into, or you can fill the convection oven with your favorite cannabis strain.

Vaping Cannabis

Davinci IQ

The Davinci is like the Pax in almost every single way, but it is solely for the use of dried flower- no concentrates. Another difference between the Davinci IQ and the Pax is this device will gradually increase its temperature on its own, which brings out new flavors and effects as you vape your favorite strain.

Vaping Cannabis


The Special-K is an oil cartridge/ liquid only vape pen created by a favorite vape company called Kandy Pens. It has a super discreet design that is both compact and classy. It comes in black or white, it has three different temp settings, and it has a lifetime warranty on the battery.

If you are a fan of juice, distillates, or cartridges filled with THC and CBD concentrates, this is the vape pen to go with. It literally looks like a pen, which makes it my choice for consuming extracts on the go.

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.