What Weed Innovations Have You Missed Out On?

weed innovations premium craft cannabis

Time has been kind to the cannabis industry. Modern tech has made everything easier to accomplish, and in some scientific fields, weed is a big part of its growth. Anyone that is a fan of modern technology should be excited about what weed is doing as an industry. If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, here are some of the biggest weed innovations to pay attention to. Some of them may even change the way you view cannabis.


weed innovations premium craft cannabis

AI is a tricky subject since there is no such thing as perfect AI. Its implementation is mostly helpful, with rapid learning systems helping it to become useful. Instead of depending on data-driven solutions like BrainGrid and UrbanGro, KindBot takes a more consumer-friendly approach with their small handheld device. It’s basically a small computer that automates the care of entire crops. With its advanced camera and environmental sensors, placement is everything. Once you have it paired up with the app, it takes less than an hour to make it ‘learn’ how to care for your plants. Irrigation, lighting temperature control and more are all part of the learning process. Unlike other commercial solutions, Kindbot is consumer friendly and priced less than a smartphone. Co-founder Salma Mayorquin continues to provide top support for a device that is sure to change the industry.

Premium Craft Cannabis

If you’re not a die-hard cannabis lover, then this one is weird. And if you are a beer snob, premium craft cannabis may come off as offensive. Now that recreational cannabis is a big thing, we get to enjoy a lot of the fusions. Premium craft cannabis is exactly what it sounds like, and it is light years beyond ‘special brownies’. There has never been a better time to blend beer and weed, especially since the beer industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. Canada has been one of the leaders of premium craft cannabis, yielding to much of the snobbery provided in the alcohol market. That means creating a product that satisfies the taste buds of beer fans while meeting the weed requirements of cannabis users. All of this leads into the creation of the Micro Cultivation License, which may help or hurt smaller premium craft cannabis creators. Despite heavy regulation, premium craft cannabis is on its way to being mainstream, it just lacks a dominant brand. No one is saying there will be a Bud or Coors of premium craft cannabis, but it would be nice.

weed innovations premium craft cannabis


DehydraTECH is a drug delivery platform designed to guarantee improved cannabis. All of this is very scienc-y, so I will make it as simple. Have you ever tasted cows’ milk directly from the udder? It is not as pleasant as picking up a gallon of milk from the store. Even organic milk is heavily modified from the original cow that it came from. DehydraTECH was made for recreational cannabis users and improves all aspects of cannabis without including any of the unhealthy additives. It even provides an improved way for the cannabis to enter your system. This isn’t just for the average user, physicians and medical marijuana patients will benefit from the advancements DehydraTECH has made. The results of the new transport system means improved taste, faster reaction to the effects of cannabis, higher absorption, and lower side effects. Lexaria is still testing certain properties, but for the most part, it is more than ready for mass distribution.

Cloudponics Grobox

weed innovations premium craft cannabis

Now, this is one of the more fun innovations on the weed gadgets list! Cloudponics Grobox is the idiot’s guide to growing weed in your own home. The company is still the first distributor of all in one grown closets and has now advanced beyond their original vision. Company co-founder Nico Ruiz has simplified the growing process for beginners. The cabinet is only six feet tall and is a sleek, professional looking weed growing station. Grobox comes with built-in AI that automates everything so that you get the best growth possible. If you’re particularly sensitive to smells, then take solace in knowing that it has a built-in filter to block odors. The only thing you have to do to keep it running is to refill the water reservoir every couple of weeks. Users that can take care of a goldfish are now qualified to grow their own weed!

Marijuana Stocks

This is a two-part technology jump, starting with the emergence of stocks based on marijuana and ending with Robinhood’s ease of use. When marijuana stocks appeared, people jumped on it like when bitcoin was introduced to the stock market. The difference is, marijuana stocks are a lot less volatile. With that said, it still isn’t too late to jump on what has already been a gravy train for many. The idea of someone high bidding on stocks is not something you’d think about often. But think about it; you now have the option of buying into something that you use daily.

It used to be that stocks were impossible to get into without a middleman. With the Robinhood app, all of that nonsense (including the fees) are no longer an issue. There are plenty of marijuana stocks already on the app, with the most popular being 22nd Century Group, Cronos Group Inc., India Globalization Capital, Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. and Zynerba Pharmaceuticals. The list keeps growing, and bitcoin has taught many users that it is better to invest now than later. Robinhood is the only app that provides 100% free stock trading, providing an opportunity for a cheap buy in. Grab em’ all before everyone buys them up!

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