Weed Tourism In Canada

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Weed tourism in Canada is exploding. Ever since the country legalized recreational cannabis use in 2018, more and more businesses are opening up. It’s essentially open season, with new companies opening regularly. Everyone wants to take advantage of the latest craze because everyone is into cannabis. It’s still a new industry with a lot of room for growth. One area that is on the rise in Canada is weed tourism. This industry has a lot to offer with so many different experiences to choose from.

What is Weed Tourism?

It’s a combination of tourism and cannabis. Traditional tourism is usually a weed-free zone, considering most countries in the world have not legalized recreational cannabis, but ever since Canada legalized it, it opened up a whole new opportunity for weed tourism.

Companies are providing their customers with complete weed experiences. All the traditional tourist activities that can be enjoyed are becoming available, but now with the added benefit of good weed. Whether it’s a hike out in the mountains with a blunt waiting for you at the cabin or smoking weed while you drive around in a limo, there are plenty of things to choose from and they all combine the best of two amazing things – traveling and weed.

It’s also not all about getting high. Yes, that is enjoyable, but some people aren’t as much interested in getting high as they are about enjoying their experience. Most of these weed tourism events are catered to you. If you want more and less THC, it will be up to you. Some companies even specialize in CBD and it’s medicinal benefits, ignoring THC entirely.

weed tourism in Canada

Weed Tourism Experiences

There are some amazing experiences out there, but it all depends on your budget. Luckily, there are cheaper options available, but some of the fancier options are quite expensive – especially since it is a unique experience that cannot be enjoyed (legally) in most parts of the world.

In Toronto, there is a company called Canadian Kush Tours, which offers different tours and activities which all include cannabis. You can catch a limo ride around the city, visit some vapor lounges, or hang out with a cannabis mascot named Herbert ‘The Herb’ Kushman.

Butiq Escapes is another company that offers a more sophisticated cannabis experience. These are also more expensive, but they are all-inclusive, meaning you won’t have to worry about a thing. One popular experience for the wealthier clientele is a hike through the Cascade Range in BC, which will set you back $12,500. Many influential clients from Fortune500 companies have made use of this legal (and discreet) opportunity to enjoy cannabis.

If you’re on a Budget

Other, more affordable, options include Canna Tours and Ste. Anne’s Spa, both of which offer weed related services. Ste. Anne’s Spa offers cannabis massages that use hemp CBD oil. There is no THC used in any of their products, perfect for someone that doesn’t want the psychoactive effects. Canna Tours has a variety of options, including bachelor parties, VIP access to various affiliated nightclubs, and access to music festivals.

The options are limitless with weed tourism in Canada and as the cannabis industry grows so too will tourist related activities.

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