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WeedSeedsExpress is a relatively new online cannabis seed bank that caters to both amateur and veteran growers. There are not many reviews on this seed bank yet, but things look promising so far! Before diving into the rest of the review, it is important to discuss a few facts on cannabis.

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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New Seed BankWeedSeedsExpress
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Best Seed PricesSeedsman
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Best in CanadaCrop King Seeds (CKS)
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Best Canada DistributorRocket Seeds
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7thSensi Seeds
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Brief overview of cannabis

With the advantages of cannabis coming to light, more countries are legalizing the use and purchasing thereof. But this is subject to strict regulations, even in countries where the use thereof have been legalized.

Merriam-Webster provides the following two definitions for the term cannabis:

“A tall Asian herb (Cannabis sativa of the family Cannabaceae, the hemp family) that has a tough fiber and is often separated into a tall loosely branched species (C. Sativa) and a low-growing densely branched species (C. Indica).”

“It can also be defined as “the psychoactive dried flower buds, leaves, or preparations (such as hashish) or chemicals (such as THC) that are derived from the cannabis plant.”

Cannabis (known by its more popular terms: weed and marijuana) has many uses. It can be used for both recreational and medical purposes depending on the type of cannabis used and the levels of CBD and THC it contains. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the most widely known ingredients of the cannabis plants.

A high level of THC may cause the high and euphoric feeling associated with weed when smoked or eaten; while CBD is mostly associated with the cannabis used for medical purposes, since it is not intoxicating. The potency of cannabis plants varies greatly. Factors such as the level of THC, quality of the cannabis, how it was cared for and the level of CBD all have an influence on its potency.

Because of the low-quality seeds sold on the black market and misuse of cannabis by certain people, especially the youth population, cannabis is generally seen in a bad light. Despite this, it has been proven that cannabis has many health benefits. Many people suffering from pain, like cancer patients, use cannabis to manage it. Cannabis users also report an improvement in sleep and anxiety. It may also help in reducing inflammation.

However, proper education on the subject of cannabis is needed in order for the public to reap its benefits.

Introduction to WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeedsExpress is a new seed bank and still has a long way to go before being rated as one of the top online cannabis seed banks. However, things look promising for this new company.

WeedSeedsExpress does not yet have a solid reputation, since it is relatively new. However, the few reviews the company has seems to indicate that the quality of cannabis seeds sold are impressive. The germination rate of seeds is reportedly high. WeedSeedsExpress also has a blog with various articles on cannabis and everything you need to know about growing it.

weedseedsexpress website - weedium

Background and history of WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeedsExpress was founded by a group of friends (Roger, Frank, and David) who are all enthusiastic about growing cannabis and experimenting with breeding strains. While the brand may be new, the founders’ have started developing strains in 2005. The company is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Haarlem is located next to Amsterdam, a place with a rich cannabis culture.

With their expertise and passion for growing and experimenting with cannabis, this group of friends decided to start an online seed bank. WeedSeedsExpress prides itself on the connections the founders have made throughout Amsterdam and Haarlem, as well as their years of experience.

Although very new to the cannabis seed industry, WeedSeedsExpress is already building up an impressive reputation for itself.

Based in the Netherlands, this online cannabis seed bank is rising in the ranks and its customer base is growing rapidly. Due to their good reputation and good customer service, most of the feedback left by customers is positive. Reviewers report that the company sells high-quality cannabis seeds at prices lower than those of most competitors. WeedSeedsExpress also offers an impressive 90% germination rate and speedy delivery to the United States.

Beginners usually have no idea where to purchase cannabis seeds and usually get burned when buying on the black market. Therefore, it is important to make an informed decision when deciding from which seed bank to buy from.

Although they do not have many reviews yet, WeedSeedsExpress is becoming known for its trustworthiness and reliability. It is a good company for beginners to purchase from. The company’s founders also post quality content aimed at educating growers.

However, compared to ILoveGrowingMarijuana, WeedSeedsExpress does not offer a lot of resources on their website. But their blog does have a variety of articles on growing marijuana and available cannabis varieties.

Mission and Purpose of WeedSeedsExpress

The founders are growers themselves and strive for all customers to have good experiences when ordering from WeedSeedsExpress.  Their mission includes 100% customer satisfaction.

The purpose of WeedSeedsExpress is to provide general guidance to people wanting to grow cannabis. They aim to provide customers with high-quality seeds at reasonable prices. Roger, Frank, and David wanted to share their connections, knowledge, and experience with the rest of the world.

WeedSeedsExpress regularly posts information on growing cannabis on their blog for any person who is passionate about growing cannabis. The company also regularly posts there about the different cannabis seeds people can find on the market and those on their online shopping portal. Another great aspect of WeedSeedsExpress is that they ship worldwide.

WeedSeedsExpress’s quality of cannabis strain seeds

WeedSeedsExpress offers high-quality cannabis seeds. All growers need high-quality cannabis seeds to have a good harvest. Thus, it is important to buy cannabis seeds from cannabis seed banks that are regulated by legislation. These seed banks are not allowed to offer cannabis seeds to people below 18 years of age and usually only sell good quality seeds. WeedSeedsExpress also guarantees high-quality seeds.

The company only sells seeds that come directly from personally selected breeders. There is not enough reviews to make an informed conclusion on the quality of their seeds, but they do report a 90% germination rate guarantee. With more than 15 years of experience, WeedSeedsExpress only make use of reputable cannabis breeders and have extensive knowledge on how to breed cannabis. They also check the quality before adding it to the company’s online shopping portal.

Product pricing range

One of the many advantages of shopping with WeedSeedsExpress is the low to mid pricing range. The company is cost-efficient and even without promotions or coupons, WeedSeedsExpress offers competitive prices. However, they do have premium cannabis seeds, like Sirius Black priced at around 118 U.S dollars.

Their products are fairly priced, especially when compared to other online seed banks. People can find a range of products on sale, thereby saving even more money on cannabis. Every single order also includes 10 cannabis seeds, absolutely free.

Strain seed variety

WeedSeedsExpress offers more than 100 cannabis strain varieties to choose from. They offer the most popular seeds, premium seeds, and seeds created by themselves. However, people looking for an even wider variety usually purchase cannabis seeds from Seedsman. Seedsman offers around 1000 strain varieties.

The upside of WeedSeedsExpress is that you are not overwhelmed from all the options, and customers will definitely find a strain they like.

WeedSeedsExpress offers popular seeds, such as autoflowering, regular and feminized cannabis seeds. Customers can browse seeds such as Indica, Sativa, hybrid, Kush, sour, cheese, blueberry, skunk, and haze strains.

Growers have different preferences when it comes to growing cannabis. WeedSeedsExpress effectively categorizes strains for customers to easily find what they are looking for. Cannabis seeds are also separated into categories that indicate which ones have high THC levels or which have high CBD but low THC levels. High CBD is especially good for people with certain medical conditions. On their website they also indicate which cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and which need to be grown outdoors.

Unfortunately, WeedSeedsExpress does not offer mix packs just yet. This means that customers need to do thorough research on what they need for each harvest prior to making a purchase.

WeedSeedsExpress offers around 19 different autoflowering strains to choose from. Autoflowering seeds is a great option for beginners, due to the fact that it is low maintenance. It grows year-round and customers can choose whether they want to purchase high yield, fast, premium, high CBD content, or high THC content autoflowering seeds.

weedseedsexpress large assortment of weed seeds -weedium

Feminized seeds are also among WeedSeedsExpress’s best sellers, of which there are 68 strains to choose from. Bestsellers include Big White Widow, Gorilla Glue, Blueberry, Blue Cheese, and Santa Maria feminized seeds.

The feminized seeds are also a huge hit and some of their bestsellers are Skywalker, Durban Poison, Harlequin, Pineapple Express and Charlotte’s Web. Feminized seeds produce only female cannabis plants, which if pollination is prevented, leads to more potent levels of THC.

Autoflower seeds are great for beginners because it needs less attention by the grower than other cannabis seeds. WeedSeedsExpress recommend AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds and has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Nutrients and plant care

One of the downsides of WeedSeedsExpress, is that the company does not offer nutrients or plant care products, like fertilizer, for cannabis plants. Plant care products are extremely important for a good harvest. For example, I Love Growing Marijuana sells Seedling Fertilizer that contains potassium and phosphorus. Potassium and phosphorus are excellent ingredients that assist in nourishing cannabis plants. Unfortunately, WeedSeedsExpress does not sell any of these plant care products.

WeedSeedsExpress cannabis strain seeds germination rate

There are limited reviews, but so far it seems as if WeedSeedsExpress has high germination rates. The company offers a 90% germination guarantee. They also throw in an extra 10% seeds to your order to ensure growth, which is an amazing thing to do on their part.

A lot of seed banks, especially online, either do not offer germination guarantees or offer really low percentages germination guarantees. This is mainly because many cannabis seeds, especially low-quality seeds, are unpredictable.

Payment methods

The payment methods available for orders are straightforward. There are many options to choose from, but cryptocurrency (for example Bitcoin) is the most secure and fastest payment option available to customers. They also accept wire transfers, but this takes one to three days to process.

Cash can also be sent through registered mail. Sending it via registered mail can take around five days. This is a risky method, but ILGM also makes use of cash as a method to pay. They have yet to receive complaints regarding missing cash.

Cryptocurrency is also a secure payment method. It allows you to buy cannabis seeds anonymously and thereby protecting your identity. WeedSeedsExpress also offers credit cards as a payment method and accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Customers who use this payment method should make sure their bank is informed that an international payment will be made to avoid any potential problems. Customers should also take note of their country’s legal stance on purchasing cannabis seeds. There is always a chance of the bank flagging the customer’s credit card.

Is it safe to order from WeedSeedsExpress?

According to WeedSeedsExpress, their company is based on trust. The founders have been scammed in the past and strive to do the exact opposite. Therefore, WeedSeedsExpress makes sure that it is safe to order from them. There have been a few complaints of lost packages, but luckily WeedSeedsExpress guarantees delivery.

Therefore, the company replaces and reships any package that got lost along the way at no additional cost. Lost packages should always be reported as soon as possible for the company. They will ensure that the customer receives what they ordered. All problems regarding the order can be taken up with WeedSeedsExpress, since they provide excellent customer service.

Cannabis seeds are shipped in discreet packaging. The package does not give away any details on what is inside. WeedSeedsExpress guarantees stealthy shipping. There are, therefore, not many cases of orders held by customs.

Does WeedSeedsExpress have package protection or insurance?

According to WeedSeedsExpress, most packages arrive within five to ten days within the United States. The customer should inform the company if the order has not arrived within 19 days. Most packages arrive within five to fifteen days to customers in Europe.

If customers have not received their orders within twenty-one days, they should contact the company. WeedSeedsExpress also has a delivery guarantee for orders sent to other areas of the world. The company urges customers to report orders that have not been received after 35 days.

WeedSeedsExpress also guarantees to replace damaged seeds free of charge. Customers have to take clear images of the seeds and delivery information and email it to the company at [email protected].

WeedSeedsExpress also has a return policy. Unused seeds can be returned within 14 days and the company will refund the customer’s order and shipping fee within two business days.

Shipping Areas and Rates

WeedSeedsExpress provides worldwide shipping. Shipping is free for most orders. However, the track and trace option is only free if the order amount is 100 euros or more. If a customer’s order is less than that, the track and trace option can be added for 7.5 euros. This option is not available for orders shipping to Australia and Canada.

Cannabis seeds ordered from WeedSeedsExpress are shipped discreetly. Orders are packed into a normal mailbox as a regular post. No reference is made to the contents of the package. Extra stealth packaging is provided for orders outside of Europe in order for all customers to receive their orders without the hassle or the intervention of customs.

Delivery time

WeedSeedsExpress promises speedy delivery. Orders are only shipped on business days and usually a day after payment has been confirmed.

They try to ensure that customers have an excellent experience when buying products from WeedSeedsExpress. Delivery can be delayed in certain cases due to unforeseen circumstances. Delivery can also be delayed due to the fact that some products are not immediately available for shipping.

Delivery within Europe and to the United States is faster than to other areas in the world, which can take up to five weeks.

Promotions and discounts offered by WeedSeedsExpress

Even at full price, WeedSeedsExpress seems to be very cost-efficient. They also have a page on their website just for products on sale.

Customers can sometimes receive up to 50% off on many products. WeedSeedsExpress also has discount codes customers can utilise when ordering products. Every week, the company gives away 25 seeds to five lucky people who subscribed to their newsletter for free. Customers also receive 10% seeds to their order for free to ensure a high germination rate.

weedseedsexpress promo - weedium

WeedSeedsExpress’s Customer Service

One of the company’s missions is to provide excellent customer service. WeedSeedsExpress also has a “Frequently Asked Questions” page for customers to get answers to commonly asked questions. The company is also available 7 days a week for any issue or query a customer may have.

There are currently 194 reviews of WeedSeedsExpress on Trustpilot. The company’s average star rating at present is 4.7 out of 5.

Impressively, 89% of all reviewers rate the company’s products and customer service as “excellent”. Reviewers on Trustpilot, praise WeedSeedsExpress for its high-quality seeds and willingness to go above and beyond to assist customers. The company is also very transparent and aims to consistently reply to negative reviews.

WeedSeedsExpress also caters to beginner growers by offering advice and creating blog posts to set them on the right path when growing marijuana, since is not an easy task. The fact that the company offers a 90% germination guarantee to even beginners and adds extra seeds, proves the reliability of their products.  

How is the website usability and shopping experience?

WeedSeedsExpress’ website is very user friendly. Anyone looking to buy seeds from the company will find the website easy to navigate. The company offers a great online shopping experience, free from complications.

Their online shop has clear images of the cannabis seeds and is updated regularly. All strains have detailed descriptions. Prices are also automatically adjusted to the currency of your browser location. Thereafter, the customer can simply add whatever they want to buy to their cart. Checkouts and payments are secure. All information entered in order for the company to ship the product is kept confidential. Customers can also check their order status up until they receive it.

WeedSeedsExpress also offers detailed specifications for every cannabis product on their website. The THC and CBD levels are indicated, as well as the variety of the cannabis product. When considering whether you have enough space indoors to grow, the height it can reach when growing indoors and height when growing outdoors is also provided.

They also indicate the amount of time it takes to flower, in which climate it thrives and whether it is suitable for beginners or experts. The general effects the cannabis strain has on you are also indicated, for example happy, relaxed, energetic, talkative, etc. Unfortunately, WeedSeedsExpress does not offer growing guides like ILoveGrowingMarijuana.

Any person with a query can go to the contact section of WeedSeedsExpress’ website and complete the contact form. The company usually responds to all queries within 24 hours after receiving the form.

Reasons to buy and grow cannabis seeds

Cannabis may be beneficial to people suffering from anxiety or depression due to its relaxing effects. It can even be used to treat problems related to indigestion, since whole seeds is a great source of nutrition. Cannabis oil is also used to treat people with skin problems, like acne, dermatitis and eczema.

However, studies have not offered definite conclusions yet and a medical practitioner must be consulted prior to using cannabis for a health-related issue. People on any chronic medication must consult a medical doctor before using cannabis due to the fact that it may cause an adverse reaction.

Conclusion and take away for WeedSeedsExpress

GreenBudGuru gave the following review of WeedSeedsExpress:

“Overall, my impression of WeedSeedsExpress was positive, but this seed bank definitely needs some time to develop and grow before I would rank it among the best seed banks in the world. Their worldwide shipping, incredible customer service, excellent promotions and deals, and great strain selection are all positives that stood out to us. Take a chance on this new seed bank if you want to, or wait a while to see if the reviews that pour in confirm all the amazing promises they make on their website. This definitely a seed bank to keep an eye on.”

It is important for potential buyers to research their country’s laws regarding cannabis. This is to avoid any legal problems, since incarceration and heavy fines can be imposed in some countries for the purchase and use of cannabis.

It is important to note that even in countries where marijuana is legalized, public use is usually prohibited, as well as private use by people under the age of 18. There is no denying that cannabis is beneficial. It is important, however, to buy from reputable seed banks. Avoid the black market!

Low-quality seeds can have dangerous side effects. Even when purchasing high-quality seeds, it is important to seek advice from a medical doctor prior to using it for any health problems, especially when used in conjunction with chronic medication.

WeedSeedsExpress also has the following disclaimer on their website which is important to take note of prior to purchasing cannabis seeds:

“As germination and growing of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries, we do not encourage anyone to do so. Weed seed express is selling cannabis seeds strictly as souvenirs and for storage purposes only in case laws change in the future.”

While WeedSeedsExpress is relatively new with not many reviews, this company seems to be building a good reputation among growers. The company offers basic information on cannabis and good quality seeds to choose from. They try to offer a good shopping experience with excellent customer service.

The only complaints thus far are the limited resources on how to grow cannabis after purchasing it. However, anyone can do a simple google search to determine this or download the free guide from ILGM’s website on growing cannabis. Customers that have purchased from WeedSeedsExpress have only good things to say about the company.

Anyone looking to purchase cannabis seeds from WeedSeedsExpress can be rest assured that they will receive exactly what they see on the website. It is easy to navigate the website and the company is very reliable. Absolute discreteness, an excellent germination rate, and delivery is guaranteed.

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