What Are The Best Edibles in Canada?

What are the Best Edibles in Canada - weedium
What are the Best Edibles in Canada - weedium

What are the best edibles in Canada? Well, that depends what you’re looking for. There are so many different edible options available that answering that question is becoming more and more difficult.

Luckily, we’re here to help and by looking through these options you will quickly find what the best edibles are for you. Edibles can be strong, so make sure you know how much you can handle before you throw yourself off the deep end.


  • Chocolate bars

Chocolate is one of the best flavor profiles to pair with THC. THC can have a strong flavor, but coupled with chocolate you’ll barely notice it. There are many chocolate bar products to choose from, including the raspberry dark chocolate, caramel toffee chocolate, fruit & nut milk chocolate, and (one of the most popular) THC mint chocolate.

Each of these bars contains 240mg of THC, which means you are receiving 10mg per piece of chocolate – the perfect opportunity for those microdosing or experimenting with edibles for the first time.

  • Gummy bombs

If you’re looking for what are the best edibles in Canada and you have a strong tolerance then these gummy bombs are the perfect option for you. With four different flavors available, each packet costs $15 and only contains a single gummy sweet that resembles a block of Lego. That single block contains 80mg of THC which makes it an easy way to get a large dose in one bite. Alternatively, you can easily cut the gummy sweet into 8 smaller pieces, thanks to the Lego shape. The mango jelly bomb and blue raspberry bomb are two popular products. The blue raspberry bomb only contains THC from Indica strains, making it the perfect edible for falling asleep at night – however, you might want to stay away from it during the day.

  • Gummies

There are so many different gummy sweets to try, finding out what are the best edibles in this category was tough. Most of these gummy sweets contain low to medium strength doses but they contain a couple of sweets in a packet. Gummy worms, gummy bears, and peach rounds are all-time favorites that everyone remembers when they were growing up. The gummy bears contain 10mg per sweet and have a total of 10 sweets per packet, while the gummy worms are slightly stronger at 20mg per sweet – although there are only 5 sweets per packet. Both products cost $10 each and are well worth their cost.


No list about what are the best edibles in Canada would be complete without one of the classics – Italian-style pasta. The two most popular types available are:

  • Italian sausage pasta

This meal is great for all pasta and THC lovers out there. You can choose between low, medium, and high dosages – so choose wisely. The doses range from 17mg – 28mg so even the lower doses pack a punch. The rich flavors from the tomato and sausages pair perfectly with the THC and you barely notice it until you start feeling it take effect. This is definitely a must try if you’re looking for a tasty THC-infused meal. The price of the meal varies based on the dosage, $16 for the low and $20 for the high.

  • Rosé chicken & pasta

This isn’t your typical Italian pasta meal, but it definitely makes the list for what are the best edibles in Canada. The grilled chicken is seasoned to perfection and served with a creamy tomato sauce with fusilli pasta. The meal is infused with THC oil and also comes in the low, medium, and high dosages; ranging from 17 – 28 mg per serving. For $16-$20 a meal, this is a great price for an edible as tasty as this.


Another Italian classic to make the best for what are the best edibles is pizza. Out of all the pizzas you can find, these are some of the best:

  • Pepperoni pizza

This pizza alone is already a favorite meal in Canada, now combine it with THC and you have instant success. This pizza comes fit with pepperoni slices, a tomato sauce base, and tasty mozzarella cheese. The pizza has a thin and crispy crust. The THC infusion is hard to notice with this delicious edible. There are three THC doses to choose from with the highest dose containing 28mg of THC and the lowest dose containing 17mg. The pizzas range in price from $20 – $24 depending on the dose.

  • Butter chicken

Chicken and THC just work, now put it on a pizza and you’ve got one of the best edibles in Canada. This butter chicken pizza is covered in mozzarella and marinated chicken bits. This pizza also comes in three dosages: low, medium, and high; costing $20, $22, and $24 respectively.


Instead of having a full meal, why not sit back on a cold night with a hot bowl of THC-infused soup. People love these products with these flavors being the most popular:

  • Moroccan butternut soup

This slowly simmered soup was made with organic broth, making it delicious and healthy. This soup is good for treating IBO and Crohn’s disease and that’s before you look at the THC. This is a great edible for first-timers because it’s easy to measure your dose – simply measure out your soup and eat as much as you’d like (which is really useful for first timers).

  • Carrot coconut soup

The unique flavor profile of this soup is delicious. It is a thick soup that will leave you quite full afterward. The soup contains crushed carrots, coconut, and some mild spicing; all combined with high-quality THC oil. The three doses available are low, medium, and high; ranging in price from $12 – $16.

  • Creamy pea soup

Pea soup is a North American favorite. This classic pea soup has no hidden surprises in terms of flavor and has been slowly simmered to make it thick and filling. The lowest dose available is 17mg and it costs $12 while the highest does contain 28mg (a sizeable increase) and only costs $16 per serving.

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