What is CBD?

What is CBD?

A lot of people want to know what is CBD. If this is your first time hearing about it you might not even know where it comes from. CBD, which stands for Cannabinodol, is a Cannabinoid present in Cannabis. This amazing compound has many medical benefits and has already helped thousands of people throughout the world with all sorts of mental and bodily ailments. Whether you struggle to fall asleep or you have a more serious condition like schizophrenia you can benefit the miracles of CBD.

Where does CBD come from and is it legal?

So now you know that CBD comes from Cannabis plants, but what is CBD plants and do all cannabis plants contain it? The cannabis industry is taking the world by storm, especially since American and Canada started legalizing it. Canada has officially become the first ‘Western’ country and the 2nd country worldwide to completely legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis. In America, it’s slightly more complicated, with Cannabis still being illegal on a federal level. Both THC and CBD is a schedule I drug according to the DEA, so things are still pretty strict.

There has been some progress in America though since the first CBD-containing drug was approved by the FDA. This lead to the DEA reducing their stance on CBD products approved by the FDA. Of course, there are limitations surrounding this, including that there must be no more than 0.1% THC present in the product. At the moment there is only one drug, Epidiolex, that falls into this category.

The new Farm bill that was introduced in 2018 also seeks to legalize hemp. This could mean that America would have a completely legal way of growing and producing CBD products. That’s because CBD doesn’t only come from THC producing cannabis plants, but also from hemp and ruderalis. This would open up the doors for CBD products to enter the mainstream market in America, not only on a state but a federal level, meaning that big medical companies would get involved.

In Canada, none of this is a problem and they have actually been producing hemp from 1998 on a restricted level. Hemp based products, including CBD, have been available since then, but it is only now that CBD is really becoming a household brand. Analysts predict CBD to overtake THC sales in the not too distant future, with it becoming something as common as multivitamins.

Now that you know more about where CBD comes from, you might not be so scared about trying it. CBD oils are readily available and a great way of medicating should you not be interested in the psychoactive effects of THC.

What is CBD?


When you want to know what is CBD, you also have to know what is THC. THC, which stands for, is another cannabinoid present in cannabis plants. THC is a known psychoactive and it is this compound that most recreational cannabis users are looking for. THC is the one that’s going to get you high, but don’t think that’s where it stops. THC also has many medicinal benefits, some that are the same as CBD. However, not everyone wants to get stoned in order to feel better, so for those of us that need cannabis for medicinal purposes you should find out what is CBD.

CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis. This list is not conclusive and there is still a lot of new research being done into cannabis. CBD has been known about since 1940 when it was identified from Cannabis Sativa. THC was also identified in the 1900s, but slightly later than THC.

What is CBD has gotten a bad rap over the years because of its association with weed as a drug. We are only now beginning to fully understand it’s benefits and we have even figured out that CBD actually reduces the effects of THC.

What is CBD used for?

Research into cannabis and specifically what is CBD has been slow over the past 80 years since its discovery. Only now are big corporations investing millions in research and development projects, allowing us to see all the possible uses this miracle compound has.

One of the leading medical uses for CBD is for epilepsy patients. There are few effective ways of dealing with epilepsy and some people have the unfortunate experience of suffering from epilepsy their entire lives. CBD has shown to have great results, with some people’s seizures basically stopping when they medicate with CBD oils and other products.

America has its first FDA-approved CBD drug on the market. Epidiolex is an epilepsy drug with CBD as its main ingredient. This is also the only drug that contains CBD that is not listed as a schedule I by the DEA after they reclassified certain FDA-approved drugs to Schedule V.

Don’t think it stops at epilepsy, because there have been great successes with cancer treatments, immune system diseases, eating disorders, and even psychological illnesses. CBD products have helped people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Bodily aches and pains are also eased by the natural pain-relief provided by CBD. It reduces inflammation as well as improving blood circulation to the area – great for any athletes who finished a tough workout.

What is CBD

CBD Products

With Canada leading the charge, there are plenty of CBD products available on the market. CBD oils and Hemp seed oils are common and one of the original ways of extracting CBD. However, now companies are coming up with all sorts of ingenious ways to incorporate CBD, including CBD gummies, CBD drinks, and CBD topicals.

All of these can be enjoyed with little, to no, psychoactive effects. The more research is put into extractions and the higher quality equipment used, the less THC and the more CBD one can find. These products aren’t cheap and you should be expected to pay for what you’re getting. High-quality products have high-quality price tags.

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