What To Do If Your Roommate Hates Weed

roommate hates weed

Many people love weed, myself included, but that doesn’t mean everyone does. If you are in college or still young and working you may find yourself living with a roommate. Having a roommate can be an awesome experience or one where you dread to come home each day, especially if your roommate hates weed. It’s the luck of the draw and if you’re a pot smoker, you might be able to put up with a lot of things, but having a pot intolerant roommate is going to be your biggest challenge.

Maybe you knew beforehand and thought you could handle it, or maybe you didn’t know each other before and now you are sitting with an awkward situation on your hands. Whatever the situation, you are going to have to come up with a way to deal with it that works for both of you – we can’t always just think about ourselves. Here are some ways that you can deal with a roommate that is anti-cannabis.

1. Respect their Lifestyle

This is the number one thing to mention. You can’t expect your roommate to respect your decisions if you don’t respect theirs. Not wanting to live in a house where there are drugs being used is fair – even if you don’t consider cannabis a drug. The best thing to do is to find out your roommates perspective before anything else. Just talk to them about it, you may be pleasantly surprised. If you aren’t willing to do this, then you might just have to find a new place to live.

 2. Smoking on the Sly

This is only recommended if you already know they don’t want you to smoke at home but you can’t do it anywhere else. If you are living in Canada there is no excuse to not go smoke somewhere else, but some states in the USA still outlaw cannabis and smoking outside could cause you serious problems.

There are different ways to make this happen, but one of the most popular is to use a sploof. It’s super easy to make a sploof and you can find many tutorials online. A sploof is basically just a DIY air filter that you exhale into. All the smelly particles that will stink up your house get caught in the sploof and it’s basically like you never smoked. This has saved many a college student from certain eviction. An even easier way is to just blow into a rolled up pair of socks (the bigger the pair the easier to use). You just exhale super hard into the sock and all the smell vanishes. It does mean you’ll have to clean your socks, but it’s definitely worth it if you need to stay hidden from any haters. Be careful though, because doing this incorrectly could result in your eviction or even worse – being kicked out of college.

roommate hates weed

3. Smoke in your Room

If your roommate is semi-chilled, then he might allow you to only smoke in your bedroom. This is a great compromise and you should be respectful of it, after all, the rest of the house you share, but your bedroom is your temple. Make sure you keep the smell to your bedroom though and this could require a fan, blowing out the window, putting a towel under your door, using a spoof, or a combination of them all. Whatever you need to do be respectful by keeping the smell in your room.

4. Bring them to the light side

roommate hates weed

I know it’s usually the dark side, but come on, cannabis isn’t the evil drug that people used to think. We live in a world where information is easily available and you can figure out for yourself that there are a lot of good things about cannabis. This can be difficult to do and if your roommate hates weed it might be best not to even try. You have to make a decision here, but remember…be respectful of their views. If you come in hot with all your facts and life lessons, all that you’ll do is seem obnoxious. Start by listening to their opinions and start from there. Don’t go from 0 to 100 mph before you test the speed limit.

A lot of people are against cannabis because they don’t like the idea of smoking. This is very fair and a good point – smoking is ultimately not good for your lungs. If this is the case it might be easy to convince them to try vaping, oils, or edibles. This is usually a good start and someone willing to try it out should be respected for their open-mindedness.

Remember, start slow, there is nothing more off-putting than getting overly stoned on your first time and this could be the reason your roommate hates weed. A few tokes of a joint or a small piece of a brownie are great places to start. Just let them experience a light buzz, this is usually enough to make someone say ‘I’m keen to take some more’.

5. Settle

If all of the above has failed, you may have to settle. Ultimately it will mean you can’t smoke at home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be high at home. Go smoke outside or at a friends house or do the next best thing and use tinctures or edibles to get high. They work great and are a lot healthier for your body as well – it’s a win-win.

Using a vape is also an option, but be warned, there is still smell and if you vape a lot your house will reak of cannabis. In this case, you can refer back to ‘smoking on the sly’ to make sure none of that smell gets out.

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