What Weed Edibles to Buy This Summer

what weed edibles to buy this summer - weedium
what weed edibles to buy this summer - weedium

Looking for weed edibles to buy this summer? Well, dear friend, you have come to the right place! Below we will discuss some of the tastiest treats on the market that will put a spring in your step this summer.

The top 5 weed edibles to buy this summer

With the new warm season in sight and cold weather slowly fading away, mother nature is sure to provide some ideal conditions and great opportunities to indulge in some delicious cannabis delicacies this summer.

Most parks in the United States and Canada have made it illegal to smoke any substance in their perimeters, so edibles are an awesome alternative to get high without disobeying the authorities and risking getting into trouble with the law.

It is kind of important to grasp the fact that, in theory, “weed edibles” could easily be made by adding cannabis concentrates to any foodstuff. For example you could take a bit of hash or pollen and sprinkle it over your ice-cream and presto – you have just successfully made weed a bit more edible. The “edible” part of this, may very well be open for interpretation as a mouth full of hash may definitely not be too appetizing.

However, scientists and culinary experts, have found different techniques and methods to infuse the active ingredients in weed with different oils. These oils are then used as a substitute for normal oils, in preparation of baked goods or tasty sweets. The outcome of the process is a potent yet palatable product.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Gummies and jellies
  3. Cookies and truffles
  4. Organic honey
  5. Mints


Chocolate is by far one of the best-known delicacies all around the globe and should be on your priority list of weed edibles to buy this summer. Whether you are going for a picnic in the park, visiting your notoriously eccentric grandmother or you are just considering giving some potent treats to open-minded friends as a gift, you really can’t go wrong with chocolate.

There are a variety of online shops from which you could source these scrumptious treats and even more so, a variety of flavors. For outdoors and a refreshing chocolate cannabis treat, look at buying some raspberry dark chocolate. If you have a bit of sweet tooth and prefer a sugary alternative, perhaps the toffee chocolate bar would be more to your liking. Other great chocolate products infused with weed and guaranteed to make you feel “something” would be fruit and nut as well as the mint chocolate bars.

Gummies and jellies

These products are excellent choices for the outdoorsman or individuals who enjoy a hike in the mountains. Gummy or jelly products are non-brittle and very portable and could easily fit inside of your backpack without the worry of it melting or becoming damaged during your travels.

The variety and range of gummy products on the market are truly elaborate and remarkably versatile. THC and CBD, the active ingredients within weed, are even more easily infused with products consisting of gelatin. It is almost as if the gelatin in some way absorbs the earthy taste of the processed plant materials, making it virtually impossible to differentiate from the taste of normal gummy products and weed-infused gummy products.

On your list of gummy weed edibles to buy this summer you should definitely include the cherry-, mango- and blue raspberry – jelly bombs. These gummy products are indica dominant, meaning that you might feel a more bodily experience than a psychological one. The THC to CBD ratio of these jelly bombs is one to one with 40 milligrams of THC and CBD per serving. What makes these specific treats awesome that is they are very easy to share by cutting into smaller pieces for safe consumption to administer the right dosage.

Gummy products consisting of only THC are also available as weed edibles to buy this summer. Because the CBD part (counteracting the psychoactive effects of the THC) is missing in these products the THC dosage in milligrams is also significantly less.

Sleepy gummy bears consist of 10 milligrams of THC per bear and are an awesome product for chilled summer days at the lake. The early bird gummy is the sleepy bears’ older, stronger brother, clocking in at 20 milligrams of just THC per dose and should be definitely be considered for more experienced munchers. The exact same statistics are applicable to the exotic flavored peachy keen gummy rings as an alternative taste.

Cookies and truffles

If you are looking for alternative weed edibles to buy this summer that are less conspicuous than the treats mentioned above, consider getting your hands on a Ginger chew cookie. This specific edible consists of 30 milligrams of THC with a Sativa dominant effect, meaning that the effects are more mental than physical, as opposed to the Indica dominant strains of weed.

Something else that might slip under the radar making you an unsuspecting civilian in the outdoors may be some chocolate truffles with a mild 10 milligrams of THC and CBD per serving. This one to one ratio of THC to CBD is known to be the best formula for people with medical ailments and not looking for a high, but rather the medicinal effects associated with cannabis consumption.

Organic honey

Honey could be used as an excellent replacement for processed sugar. As we all know it is basically impossible to find any source of food without sugar in its formulation, but with organic honey, these sugars could easily be substituted for a healthier snack.

Thus, instead of looking for weed edibles to buy this summer, why not resort to some organic honey tincture which you could use to make flavorsome teas or use as a substitute for sugar when baking a cake or biscuits? The honey tincture consists of 100 milligrams of THC which will surely pack a punch to your concoction.


This product is relatively new on the edibles market, but what a combination of practical use and personal preference! Imagine going out on a hot summer date with someone who doesn’t like smoking and you just want to ease off some of the date-anxiety but see no gap to go light a joint… enchant mints is the perfect edible for this situation.

Not only will you be cool and stress-free, but you will be more than ready to lean in for a fresh kiss, maybe even affecting your date so that smoking won’t bother them as much anymore.

The list really does go on and on. With this massively increasing industry, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many products on offer. The ones mentioned above are quality weed edibles to buy this summer and from a distinguished supplier renowned for its superior products and excellent clientele services which we would recommend. With this, we wish you a high-quality summer.

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