What Weed To Use On The Weekend

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Weekends are the best time to enjoy weed. Whether you need it for a boost of creativity when working or just to enjoy your time off on the weekend, what weed to use on the weekend is a great way to make things better.

What weed to use on the weekend is mainly based on what you want to do (much like any other day). If you need something to uplift you during the day then you’re going to be looking for strains that offer these effects (usually from Sativa dominant genetics), or you might be needing something to help you unwind from the stressful week that you head (usually from Indica genetics).

Whatever your reason, you’re going to have so many choices of what weed to use on the weekend that it will be difficult to choose.

What weed to use on the weekend that’s uplifting

There are so many good reasons why what weed to use on the weekend would be uplifting. You might work better with weed or you have a fun activity with friends coming up and you prefer to enjoy some uplifting weed beforehand. The uplifting effect usually comes from sativa dominant genetics, but we’ll see quite a few hybrids that offer the best of both worlds.

  • Mango Haze

Tasty, thick buds and quality genetics are all available if you choose Mango Haze for what weed to use on the weekend. This is the perfect strain if you’re looking for an uplifting buzz to get through your day.

Be careful though, this strain has haze genetics which means it packs a punch. The strain is a mixture between Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk #1 in a combination that favors the sativa genetics. The sweet mango flavors are the perfect thing to accompany your weekend cocktails.

  • Trainwreck

What weed to use on the weekend is an easy answer if you’re looking for a US legendary strain. Trainwreck is a potent sativa dominant hybrid that is famous for its intense resin production thanks to its Afghani genetics, coupled with the Mexican and Thai sativa genetics that provide the uplifting sensation.

Euphoric, uplifting, and creative effects are experienced – the perfect get up and go strain. Watch out for the dry mouth with this strain, so if you’re using it before a weekend hike you might want to make sure you have enough water. In excess this strain can also cause some dizziness, so make sure you don’t overdo it if you actually want to be able to enjoy your weekend.

  • Love Poison

With a name like Love Poison, it’s hard to believe that you’re getting an uplifting strain, but that’s what you get with this 70:30 Sativa dominant strain that is a great way to start any weekend plans. Love Poison has G13 and Colombian Gold genetics which results in a tasty strain that produces sativa-style buds that have a strong lemon and skunk aroma.

The reason Love Poison has that name is that many people find it has strong aphrodisiac properties, making it the perfect what weed to use on the weekend if you’re spending some time with your significant other. Why not set the mood right with this tasty and uplifting strain.

What weed to use on the weekend for relaxation

It’s great to spend time with your friends on the weekend, but sometimes a little bit of me-time is also necessary. If you’re ready to chill and enjoy a relaxing weekend then what weed to use on the weekend is definitely an option.

Most people think all weeds help you relax, but it’s not always the case and if you’re looking to calm down you don’t want to be smoking strains that give you a lot of paranoia or anxiety. Most of these strains are indica dominant which usually offers the couch-locking effects many of us know about.

  • Bubba Kush

Ol’ Bubba is the perfect strain to accompany your relaxing weekend. An indica dominant strain with strong kush genetics results in a resin covered bud that will put you in a very relaxed mood and might even put you to sleep if you aren’t careful.

This is a great strain to ease your body of any aches and pains that you may have picked up during the week, making it the perfect choice to unwind. The strain has semi-unknown origins but the OG Kush parentage is easy to identify through the bud structure, taste, and earthy-sweet smell.

  • Death Bubba

If you thought Bubba Kush was a great way to relax, then you might be interested in another strain that has strong relaxation properties. Death Bubba is a combination of two amazing strains, Death Star and Bubba Kush. Both of these strains are well known across North America and the resulting strain takes from the best qualities of both parents.

High THC levels and a potent Indica high can be expected with Death Bubba. This strain only has two noticeable negatives: dry mouth and dry eyes. Both your eyes and your mouth are going to feel the beating from this strong strain, but your stress, pain, and insomnia will melt away through the weekend.

  • Pink Kush

Pink Kush is another strain with Kush genetics that makes our what weed to use on the weekend list. It’s a great strain to include because it has a unique combination of relaxation and euphoria, making it the ideal strain to relax after a difficult week.

Get some Pink Kush, turn on a funny movie and you will see the benefits that this strain has. Watch out with smoking too much Pink Kush because after a lot some people do find low levels of anxiety to kick in – best not overdo it with this one.

  • Blueberry

Blueberry is a crowd favorite simply because it has such an amazing taste and it gets you really high. Blueberry is another great choice to turn your weekend down a notch after a busy week. With sweet berry aromas and a flavor to match, you’re going to enjoy sampling this strain. This is a great strain for those with added stress or troubles sleeping.

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