What’s the Difference Between Edibles and Tincture?

the difference between edibles and tinctures - weedium
the difference between edibles and tinctures - weedium

With all the different cannabis products available it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Finding out what’s the difference between edibles and tinctures is simple, you just need to know more about them. We’re going to break down the difference between these two products and look at some of the different products available.


Edibles are the more commonly known of the two. If you’ve heard of cannabis then you’ve probably heard of an edible or a cannabis brownie. Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and all different baked goods were for many years the most common edibles.

By looking at edibles, what’s the difference between edibles and tinctures is simple: edibles are cannabis-infused foods, while tinctures are a form of cannabis extraction (which can then be used to make edibles).

Anything you eat that is infused with cannabis is an edible. There are different ways that you can infuse cannabinoids into your food, but the goal is the same. The goal is to put the different cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, into the food of your choosing.

To do this, extraction needs to first take place. One way to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant is by using alcohol and the other, a more popular way for edibles is by using a fat (like oil or butter). The cannabinoids bond with the alcohol/fat and can then be used in foods to make delicious edibles.

There are so many different edible products available, especially after the cannabis boom in Canada and America. Before you mainly had to make your own edibles, but now you can hop online and order edibles straight to your doorstep. These different edible categories will help you know what the difference between edibles and tincture is.

  • Sweet

Still, the most popular category of edibles is sweet. There are so many different edible sweets available that you’re going to struggle to choose one. Think of any sweet, well it’s probably already been made into an edible version. Chocolates, baked goods, ice-creams, milkshakes, gummy sweets; you name it, it’s probably made.

These sweets are a great way to try out edibles your first time because they are yummy and very easy to dose. All you need to do is eat a sweet, how easy can it be. If you’re looking at trying a sweet edible, you can consider Gummy Bears, Chocolate Truffles, or Ginger Chew Cookies.

The potency and flavor of the sweets differ so be sure to find one that matches your preferences. Be sure to keep your THC/CBD doses low in the beginning until you are sure of what you want.

  • Drinks

This is an edibles category that is taking the cannabis industry by storm. More and more cannabis-infused drinks are reaching the markets and these also fall under the ‘edibles’ category. You can either enjoy a hot or cold drink, with classics like Hot Chocolate now infused with THC.

This hot chocolate from Earth’s Edibles comes packed with 20mg of THC and enough mix to make two cups. 10 mg per cup means it’s a great way to start your edibles explorations. Other than hot chocolate you can also find a wide selection of THC/CBD infused coffee and tea, as well as different natural energy shots.

  • Meals

Edible meals are probably the fastest growing cannabis edible category on this list. Any meal you can think of has been made into an edible. You can choose between Indian curry’s, Italian pizzas, or even some nice warm soup. These meals are a great way to experience edibles for the first time because they come in different potencies.

Choose between the light, medium, or strong meals to get a taste of what’s the difference between edibles and tincture.  Not only can you enjoy a meal, but you can also top your meals with an edible sauce. These edible sauces are packed with cannabinoids and are an easy way to regulate how much THC you put on your meal.

Some of the most popular meal choices are a single Pepperoni Pizza, a Chana Masala Curry, and Moroccan Butternut Soup.


Now that you know more about edibles you are ready to answer the question: what’s the difference between edibles and tinctures. Edibles are what you eat, so what are tinctures. Tinctures are alcohol cannabis extracts – it’s as simple as that. In edibles, we mentioned that to make an edible you need to use a cannabis extract.

One of the most popular ways to extract cannabis is through a tincture. Alcohol binds with different cannabinoids and terpenes to produce a quality product that will provide much needed medicinal and recreational benefits.

Different alcohols are used, but you want to make sure a quality food-grade alcohol was used. There are many alcohols that are denatured using toxic or poisonous chemicals to prevent people from drinking them. These are not the type of cannabis tinctures you want to put into your body – because why take the risk if there are healthier options available.

Tinctures can be used to make edibles but they don’t have to be. You can use tinctures just as they are. A few drops under your tongue each morning and you’ll be ready to go for the rest of the day. If you’re looking for quality tinctures, then look no further than Earth’s Edibles tincture range.

  • Phoenix Tears are a strong THC extract that contains 225mg of THC per 0.5ml of extract. It comes in a small, easy-to-use, syringe that can be enjoyed discretely at any time of the day.
  • Viridesco has their Romulan Extract available for $90. This is a 2ml concentrate that contains 1470mg of THC and is indica dominant. This is a strong medicinal product and one that should be used with caution. It’s a great product for the evenings when you’re ready to fall asleep.
  • CBD and THC Infused Tincture is a popular product that contains a 4:1 ratio of CBD: THC. This is very useful for those who want the benefits of both CBD and THC. The 30ml jar contains 300mg of CBD and 75mg of THC.
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