Tips for Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2022


Seeds, seeds, and more marijuana seeds. Canada and America are booming with places to buy marijuana seeds. Anyone looking to grow cannabis will not have a hard time finding their favorite strain and having it delivered to their door. It’s an amazing time we live in, but with all these options comes a lot of choices. Where do I buy Marijuana seed? What strain should I get? What is the flowering period? All of these questions will be answered and more.

Where do I buy Marijuana seeds?

The internet is the best place to start. There are plenty of places to buy Marijuana seeds on the internet. You don’t have to google more than ‘cannabis seeds’ to find a whole list of sites. The great thing about Canadian and American seed banks is that they are operating 100% legally. Many seed banks are also within state law in America, but on a federal level, there are still some issues.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the popular seeds banks across the globe.

Best OverallI Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)
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New Seed BankWeedSeedsExpress
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Best Seed PricesSeedsman
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Best in CanadaCrop King Seeds (CKS)
*10 Free Seeds on Order > $420
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Best in EU and UKHerbies Seeds
*Free seed on every $20 Spent
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Best Canada DistributorRocket Seeds
*10 Free Seeds on Order > $420
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7thSensi Seeds
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8thSonoma SeedsShop Seeds
9thBeaver SeedsShop Seeds
10thMSNLShop Seeds
11thSunWest GeneticsShop Seeds
12thMary Jane’s GardenShop Seeds
13thMJ Seeds CanadaShop Seeds
14thTrue North Seed BankShop Seeds
15thQuebec Cannabis SeedsShop Seeds
Best in SpainMinistry of CannabisShop Seeds

Which seed bank you choose to buy Marijuana seeds will depend on what strain you are looking for and any prior knowledge you might have. If you know people who grow, which you probably do, then you can ask them for any recommendations. Most growers have either tried out a few seed banks or know which ones are reliable. You are looking for a seed bank that has a wide range of strains and that has good customer service. If you have any problems with your order, you don’t want to be waiting a week for a reply.

You can easily test out the customer service of a company by sending them a message or e-mail with a decent question. Don’t make it too easy, but don’t go overboard, you just want to see if they respond quickly and that they know what they’re talking about. Then as long as they deliver within a reasonable time, you would have found yourself a place to buy Marijuana seeds.


Top Choice: I Love Growing Marijuana

This site has a wide variety of products and services to offer those interested in growing cannabis. One of our favorites is the strain reviews. I Love Growing Marijuana offers videos on their website of their professionals giving you all you need to know about strains. Additionally, they offer medical information for those who wish to grow cannabis to medicate or treat an illness. If you have a specific question about growing or want to get in touch with other growers, I Love Growing Marijuana has forums just for you. Finally, the best perk on this site is the free grow guides. They offer detailed tips and instructions for every stage of the cannabis growing process. Visit the store and grab your FREE e-Book now!

i love growing marijuana ebook - weedium

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is regarded as one of the most top-rated seed banks in the United States. This seed bank is known for its high quality and high germination rate cannabis seeds. ILGM also offers free resources in the form of how-to guides and blog articles to aid beginners as well as experts in growing cannabis.

ILGM is one of the most respected online seed banks. They offer high-quality seeds, excellent guarantees, good customer service, and unlimited online resources.

The only complaint thus far is the limited selection of strains, as well as the high prices of ILGM’s cannabis seeds. However, anyone able to afford these seeds will not be disappointed. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Customers know exactly what they are purchasing when buying from I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM).


Best in Canada: Crop King Seeds

We are BIG fans of Crop King Seeds because of their humble beginning. It all started with one guy growing in their apartment for the love of sharing cannabis. Fast forward many years later and Crop King Seeds has still kept that high-quality, custom-made feel and expanded it so share the love with many more happy growers. Crop King Seeds sends out only the best of seeds, ready to grow and right to your door. They do constant outreach to broaden their already vast product selection and provide their customers with the old favorites as well as new strains. To top it all off, Crop King Seeds has a 24/7 customer service team to answer any questions you may have before you buy your seeds. Crop King Seeds is really the king of the seeds business. Try their new strain CB Diesel Today!

Crop King Seeds Bank is one of the finest seedbanks that one could order from. They put in the effort to ensure that they provide their customers with a genetic strength and quality that matches no other – they have partnered with the world’s most known breeders to bring first-class cannabis seeds for the customers.

Crop King Seeds has about 40 different cannabis strains, and these strains include auto flowering strainsfeminized strains, regular strains, and also high THC/CBD strains. The company carefully selects these 40 different strains to master their specialty so that they only provide their customers with the products they make best. They also offer a germination guarantee with every single product, so one can find their preference at CKS without having to worry about the quality!

With all the guarantees that the company offers, you don’t really need to worry about a lot of things. Overall, Crop King Seeds is a pretty decent seed bank for all the buyers in Canada as it still gets a little cheap for Canadians after accounting for the shipping costs.


Best Seed Prices: Seedsman

Seedsman is the place to go for the true growing connoisseurs. With over 3000 different types of cannabis seeds, these guys are pro’s at getting you just the right type of seed that you are looking for. Be it feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, or seeds high in THC or CBD Seedsman can offer you many different options. They also offer a great rewards program for all of their loyal customers so you can earn points and grab some extra free seeds on the side. Speaking of freebies, Seedsman also offers free seeds with every order just to show how much they appreciate their customers. Visit the store to check out the latest promotion!

The company began in 2003 in the United Kingdom and has grown extensively to become one of the largest seed sellers globally. Due to their high volume of products, Seedsman can sell excellent quality seeds and strains at reasonably low prices to suppliers globally.

They offer genetically modified strains of cannabis seeds strains resistant to disease and animals so that they can be grown widely and successfully. The seeds are of various strains, meaning they are resilient and perform exceptionally well, and for more extended periods.

On average, customers express a high degree of satisfaction for all the seed products, the information they receive, and the customer support level. Overall, there are very few problems with the process, and most customers from ordering to receiving the product and growing the plants is an exceptional experience.

Sensi Seeds

If you’ve been involved in the world of cannabis for any amount of time, the chances are that you’ve heard the name Sensi Seeds. For casual smokers and home-growers, connoisseurs and once-a-year-tokers – even for the Dutch government – Sensi Seeds is a name that is synonymous with a long history of quality, reliability, and a strong embrace of the hidden-in-plain-sight cannabis culture.

Reputation builds itself. And with Sensi Seeds being in the business for 35 years, there has been ample opportunity for them to grow their reputation to the healthy, bushy heights that their customers are used to seeing from their cannabis plants.

Sensi Seeds is more than just a seed manufacturer. For many smokers and growers, there is no other seed supplier. It’s clear that this family business is deeply embedded in cannabis culture and is truly passionate about the role it plays. Luckily for us, Sensi Seeds turned a personal life mission into a business and found that sought after holy-grail – a passion that pays the bills. That personal passion shines through and is clear to see for anyone who has ever planted and nurtured one of his world-famous seeds.

Beaver Seeds

Beaver Seeds is a 100% Canadian owned cannabis seed bank. They sell premium marijuana seeds online. There are many scams out in the world, especially on the internet. However, Beaver Seeds is a legitimate company. The majority of the reviews and customer experiences have been positive ones.

Beaver Seeds is a reputable and trustworthy cannabis seed bank. Customers come to their website because they have quality products. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more.  Beaver Seeds uses Canadian mailing services that are more reliable than some others around the world. They report less confiscations than other companies when their packages go through customs.

The Beaver Seeds website is easy to navigate and visually pleasing. They provide a lot of information for their customers. They have informative articles on their blog and on every page of their website. They offer rapid discreet shipping with additional safety and stealth options. Their customer service is one of the better ones, they are devoted to providing a great experience to ensure repeat customers. Overall customers that purchase cannabis seeds through Beaver Seeds have a positive experience and good crops. Before settling on Beaver Seeds, a customer should keep in mind that they do not offer a germination guarantee. Customers have reported high crop yields in seeds that do germinate, and most of them do germinate. Beaver Seeds does provide a germination guide to help their customers get the most out of their seeds.

SunWest Genetics

SunWest Genetics is a Canadian marijuana seed company. They breed and sell good quality seeds that they handpicked themselves. They offer their customers the freshest and most viable seeds they can produce.

SunWest Genetics is dedicated to their work. They want their customers to know they preserve and maintain the genetics that already exists within the cannabis plant. Their stocked seeds are always fresh and ready to be germinated. They deliver to customers worldwide and are proud of the service they can offer their customers.

Their customer service is reliable and operates above average expectations. They are dedicated to loyal customers and willing to help with any questions and concerns a customer has. SunWest Genetics website is welcoming and safe to use. They are well organized and though they do not offer filters when searching, their website is easy to navigate. SunWest offers the best genetics in the cannabis industry.

They work hard to preserve the genetics and improve cannabis for future generations. SunWest Genetics believes in having a variety of diverse genetics. They believe in the healing properties of cannabis and believe it should be accessible to everyone who needs it.

1maryjane_logo - weedium

Mary Jane’s Garden

Mary Jane’s Garden has an outstanding reputation and significant customer loyalty when selling marijuana strains online, as per customer reviews. It’s essential to have proper research before choosing your seller – and we will provide just that! This article will enlighten you with all the information you may need about Mary Jane’s Garden and its potent seeds.

Mary Jane’s Garden is one of the few talented breeders selling marijuana strains online, with an excellent reputation as well. They provide the best type of marijuana from some of the most popular cannabis seeds that can be found around the world.

Mary Jane’s Garden is an experienced seed bank that has been in business for around eight years, so they know their way around the market. They know just what to do in order to impress their customers and have developed their reputation that way. They own a variety of seeds at reasonable prices, all of them of the utmost quality. They ship all over the world with a 90% guarantee and even provide stealth shipment. What more can one marijuana grower ask for? 

Our recommendation is to give it a try and see from your own experience. Many customers have purchased from Mary Jane’s Garden and found them the most convenient option available – perhaps you might be one of those people as well? You won’t know unless you try!

true north seed bank logo1 - weedium

True North Seed Bank

The True North Seed Bank is a cannabis distributor based in Canada, with another distribution center also in the United Kingdom.

Discreetness, variety, quality, and convenience are only a few things that make True North Seed Bank stand out. Whether for personal use or for a business True North respects their customers. They provide great resources on their website so customers can find the exact strain they are looking for. They also have resources to help customers find the strain that would work best for medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis.

True North Seed Bank is a reputable company whose main goal is to make sure their customers feel welcome and safe when using their site.  It is a great website for those looking to purchase a single cannabis seed or 1000 cannabis seeds. The price range of the seeds provided is flexible for personal or business budgets.

Along with the wide variety of prices, True North also offers over 1500 different strains. They offer about 50 different breeding companies to choose from as well. The convenience of having all of these in one place is helpful for both the breeding companies and the customers.

Marijuana Seeds Canada

There are ample reasons why one would choose to buy from Marijuana Seeds Canada instead of going to their competitors. The company is trustworthy in some aspects, which is why it is starting to become a popular option amongst marijuana growers.

Marijuana Seeds Canada would be a popular option for buyers because of the variety of strains available. You can easily find all types of medical, classical, and legendary strains like the White Widow at this company. They keep their products classified in an efficient and organized manner so that it’s easy for you to find whatever seed you’re looking for. This extensive collection of seed types and strains has helped Marijuana Seeds Canada compete with the infamous seed banks within their vicinity. They provide the finest quality one can find.

With high-quality strains, remarkable customer service, speedy and stealth shipping, there are a lot of reasons why one would consider buying from Marijuana Seeds Canada. Many seed banks are formed over promises that they cannot meet and have not been able to meet either, but Marijuana Seeds Canada does not make any promise that they cannot keep. They will guarantee you excellent service and will go at all ends in order to ensure that you get the high-quality strains you were looking for.

Our recommendation would be to head over there and give their seeds a try! Many customers have purchased from MJ Seeds Canada and were very happy with the results, and if you don’t try this out for yourself, you wouldn’t really know either!

MSNL_Logo - Weedium

MSNL, or MSNL, is a UK-based seed bank that offers many high-quality seed strains. Since opening their business in 1999, the company has enjoyed a steady following of loyal and satisfied customers and plenty of time to establish a solid reputation.

They are a well-established brand and offer a vast selection of seeds. MSNL offers sales, discounts, and promotions regularly. They ship their products globally and offer free seed samples with each order. They are one of the top seed bank companies in the world.

MSNL lives up to its excellent reputation of providing a spectacular range of high-quality seed strains for reasonable, low costs. All the seeds are grown in-house, so they are well supervised and tested to ensure the best outcome for germination and cultivation. Considering the affordability and quality of the company’s seeds, it’s an advantage above many competitors. There are two main “cons” about MSNL, which relates to customer service levels and the lack of guarantee for germination.

MSNL is a world-class leader in the cannabis industry, whether you’re looking for various seed strains, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly website with excellent references to resources and outside support. The company stands behind 20 years of science and superior products that have helped its brand grow continuously while providing customers’ best experience.

Ministry Of Cannabis - Weedium

Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis is considered one of the top seed banks in the world. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company is consistently reviewed with positive feedback. The location is ideal, offering the perfect climate setting in Spain to provide the ideal conditions for the cultivation of cannabis seeds.

The business is well established globally and participates in worldwide cannabis events such as 420 festivals and expos across Europe. The company provides details on seeds, tutorials on how to germinate and grow, education, and essential information on cannabis seeds and related products.

Overall, the Ministry of Cannabis is one of the top seed banks offering top quality products and exceptional customer service. They are among the best in the industry and have established a solid record of outstanding products and an excellent reputation for more than 15 years. They are recognized internationally as one of the top seed companies to buy from and include excellent service and products at every business level.

The company offers an excellent reputation with a long-standing history of customer satisfaction, from in-person interaction at large scale events to online and phone exchanges with customers. They work with each of their clients one-on-one, customizing the experience to fit each individual’s needs or business’ needs.

sonoma seeds - weedium

Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is a seed supplier based on the West Coast of Canada. The Sonoma Seeds motto is ‘grow organically.’ It’s not entirely clear from their website whether this is an instruction to their customers that the best way to grow their seeds is organically or if they produce their seeds using fully organic methods.

All of the strains on the Sonoma Seeds website have a detailed description and space for user reviews. Some of the lesser-known and more obscure strains don’t have reviews yet, but the more popular strains’ comments sections are filled with positive feedback from happy customers. Judging from this feedback, it’s fair to say that Sonoma Seeds strains are high quality and consistent with the descriptions listed.

There is no doubt that Sonoma Seeds is a safe and reputable website. Sonoma has an excellent reputation on the cannabis forums and review sites, and they couldn’t build up that kind of following if they’re making a habit of taking people’s money and not showing up with the goods.

Sonoma Seeds ship globally. For people living in countries that prohibit the sale of cannabis seeds, this is a godsend. For customers in Canada, Sonoma will send out the seeds in their original, branded packaging. Any order coming from outside of Canada will be shipped in discreet, unbranded packaging.

Rocket Seeds - Weedium

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds leaves the breeding down to the breeders and focuses on retail experience, customer service, and shipping. On paper, this approach makes total sense. Instead of going to one seed producers’ store and only being able to shop for and compare the seeds they produce, you can visit the Rocket Seeds website and compare seeds, strains, and prices from various breeders.

All in all, it seems that Rocket Seeds know what they’re doing when it comes to product selection. From the hundreds of breeders and stockists out there, they have picked some of the most reliable and trusted in the world.

If you want unique strains, they’ve got that covered. If you desire organically produced seeds, they’ve got that covered. If you’re a European resident who wants some of the best strains that North America has to offer, and vice versa, they’ve got it covered.

WeedSeedsExpress - Weedium


WeedSeedsExpress is a relatively new online cannabis seed bank that caters to both amateur and veteran growers. There are not many reviews on this seed bank yet, but things look promising so far! Before diving into the rest of the review, it is important to discuss a few facts on cannabis.

WeedSeedsExpress is a new seed bank and still has a long way to go before being rated as one of the top online cannabis seed banks. However, things look promising for this new company.

WeedSeedsExpress does not yet have a solid reputation, since it is relatively new. However, the few reviews the company has seems to indicate that the quality of cannabis seeds sold are impressive. The germination rate of seeds is reportedly high. WeedSeedsExpress also has a blog with various articles on cannabis and everything you need to know about growing it.

Anyone looking to purchase cannabis seeds from WeedSeedsExpress can be rest assured that they will receive exactly what they see on the website. It is easy to navigate the website and the company is very reliable. Absolute discreteness, an excellent germination rate, and delivery is guaranteed.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds - Weedium

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is based in Canada and is a top-ranked online cannabis seed bank. As of 2013, they have been breeding their own cannabis. This company is an ideal choice for any person looking to purchase high-quality seeds with a fast delivery time. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds, located in Canada, is one of the most popular and top-ranked online seed banks in the world. Quebec Cannabis Seeds is known for its high-quality cannabis seeds and ships to almost every country in the world for a small, flat fee.

Although Quebec Cannabis Seeds has only started breeding their own cannabis seeds from 2013, the company has been in business for 15 years. Having provided customers within and around Canada with high-quality cannabis seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has a good reputation. Quebec currently ships to almost every country in the world.  

Growers should always purchase seeds from reputable online companies, like Quebec Cannabis Seeds. Past customers only have good things to say about the company. Quebec Cannabis Seeds also has impressive connections and only work with trustworthy cannabis seed breeders.

What strain should I get?

It all depends on you. When you buy Marijuana seeds, the most fun part is selecting the strain. It’s going to be daunting at first because there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of strains to choose from. You might be surprised. Many of them are quite similar, but they each boast their own uniqueness.

You can either do it yourself and just scroll through pages of strains until you find something that matches your fancy, or you can ask around to find out information from other growers. They will be able to help you narrow your search down a bit. There are a few key factors one has to consider when selecting a strain to buy Marijuana seeds.

Firstly, where are you growing? The size of your grow area will determine the type of plant you want to get. If you have a tall, cramped area, you might be better off with Sativas, but if you have a short area that’s wider, then an Indica could be perfect. At the same time, you have to decide what you want to get out of your grow. Do you want a plant that produces a pound of bud or do you want one that’s got a higher THC percentage?

The type of high is also a consideration, do you want a strain that makes you couch locked or one that you can smoke during the day to get some energy. As you can see, this part is purely up to the grower and it does take some time to weigh up the options. Don’t stress too much about it, remember, it’s just one batch of plants. If all goes well, you will be able to produce countless harvests and you can just select another strain.

where to buy marijuana seed

What’s the flowering period?

This is another question people ask when they want to buy Marijuana seeds because they are thinking about time. Everyone wants to know how long it’s going to take before they have their prized bud in their hands – it’s understandable. When it comes to cannabis or any plant, it is very difficult to map out its life cycle exactly. Expert growers get very good and are able to reproduce the same results time after time, but this takes experience. In the beginning, I always recommend people to add a few weeks extra to their expected time. Let’s first look at the vegging period.

If you aren’t an experienced grower, and even if you are, things don’t always go as intended. If you don’t provide a near perfect environment for the plants during the germination, seedling, and vegetative phase you could experience growth that is slightly slower than usual. This means you will either have to sacrifice your yield, by starting flowering after a certain time or your time, by giving it a few extra weeks to catch up in veg. This all depends on how well you grew the plant, and if you did it perfectly your first time, that’s great. The thing is, things don’t always go as planned, so until you have your setup and your strain dialed in, you should always leave your time frame a bit wider than normal.

Now after the vegging period, you have your flowering period. This is what is listed on most strains. For example, one strain might have a flowering period of 8 – 10 weeks while another has a flowering period of 10 – 12 weeks. Generally, the minimum flowering time is around 6 – 8 weeks, and the longest around 12 – 14 weeks. This affects how long your grow will take. If you are pressed for time or you want to harvest quicker so that you can plant again, then look for strains with shorter flowering periods. Sometimes the strain that suits you best, might not be the one with the shortest flowering period, but don’t worry about 2 extra weeks, it’s all about the experience after all. Who knows, you could grow the best bud in North America.

Remember, even the flowering period is a range, rather than a fixed number. Most seed banks list a 2-week range, so there is room for variation depending on your grow environment and how you treat the plant. There are many techniques about handling plants to minimize flowering time.

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.