The Ultimate Guide to Which Marijuana Seed to Grow in 2021

marijuana seed to grow

What marijuana seed to grow? This is the question that every grower needs to answer, no matter whether you’re a newbie on the cannabis grow scene or a seasoned veteran. There are a few things you should consider first before going online and buying the first seed you see.

Seed vs Clone

Before you can even choose which Marijuana seed to grow, you need to consider not even getting one in the first place. It might seem strange if you haven’t been in the game for long, but you can grow huge plants without seeds. All you need is a cutting from another ‘mother’ plant. This is a nice way to get a guaranteed successful plant. You know what that plant is going to look like and how it will produce, so there isn’t much room for the unknown.

If you do decide to go the seed route, there is more unknown, but that is also half of the fun. You get to experience the entire life cycle, from start to finish. There is something quite rewarding about growing seed from a tiny seed into a healthy plant, which you eventually harvest. Choosing the ride marijuana seed to grow is not easy and you might make the ‘wrong’ choice every now and then, but it’s a learning experience and you will see all those ‘wrong’ choices actually make you a better cannabis grower.

marijuana seed to grow

Where are you getting your Marijuana seed to grow

You should get your seeds from someone you trust. These are your future babies and you want to know they come from a good source. There are many reputable seed banks in Canada and America, so you won’t struggle to find one. It’s best to look around at the different options and see which strains they offer. Not all seed banks offer the same strains and also not all seed banks offer the same quality strains. One bank OG Kush might be better than another. It’s all about the quality of the breeder and plant genetics.

Choosing a Strain

This is arguably one of the most fun and most difficult decisions of the entire grow. You will be able to look through hundreds of strains from all the different breeders. It will get quite tiring and you might start to doubt your decision. Just a word of advice, don’t stress too much about it. When you have found a strain that suits you, take the plunge.

There is always going to be another strain that looks better and maybe you’ll find your perfect strain one day, but until then go with the ones that stand out to you. If you have grower friends, go look at their operation and check out different strains so that you can know more or less what you’re in for before deciding on what marijuana seed to grow.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a strain, but it all depends on you as a grower. What do you want to get out of your grow? Are you trying to reach 1 gram per watt or more; do you want bud that is oozing THC; or do you need a shorter plant because you have a small grow space; whatever it is, you need to decide beforehand exactly what you want and need.

Sativa vs Indica

Once you have your personal details sorted, you can look at the different strains available. With the exception of land-race strains (wild cannabis), you won’t find a cannabis strain that hasn’t been crossbred. All modern strains were bred by crossbreeding different landrace strains. There are two main genetic types to consider, Sativa and Indica.

Sativas are your taller, thinner plants, that generally produce a lighter, fluffier bud. The effects of Sativa dominant strains are also mostly uplifting, allowing you to get active during the day, while Indicas have more of a couch-lock effect.

Most strains have been crossbred, so it is quite difficult to find a 100% Sativa or 100% Indica. It is still possible, just less common. Most strains are hybrids. A combination of both Sativa and Indica. These strains become a lot harder to pinpoint without some knowledge. You need to know whether the strain is Sativa or Indica dominant to know how it will grow – either tall and thin or short and bushy. What high you’ll get will also be affected, so trying the strain before choosing a marijuana seed to buy is useful.

marijuana seed to grow

Regular vs Autoflower vs Feminized

When deciding on a strain, you will see different strains have different seed types available. You get regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds. Regular and feminized are the two most common seed types, while autoflowers have become a lot more popular over recent years.

Regular seeds can either produce a male or female plant. That means you have a 50% chance to not get bud from your plant. If you are looking at breeding your own seeds, then regular seeds are the way to go; otherwise, it’s best to go for feminized or autoflower seeds.

Feminized seeds are exactly what the same suggests, cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to be female and produce sweet sweet dank. We’re not going to discuss how you make feminized seeds in detail, but it isn’t through genetic modification. It’s perfectly natural and it comes from using the plant’s natural traits to our advantage. Turn your lights to a 12/12 cycle indoors, or wait for fall outdoors, and you will see pistils forming in no time.

Autoflower seeds come by crossbreeding strains with Cannabis Ruderalis. There is some question about where Ruderalis falls in on the whole Sativa/Indica debate; but whatever it is, it does something amazing when crossbred. Breeders can breed female autoflower seeds that will automatically flower as soon as they get to a certain age. People who choose this marijuana seed to grow normally don’t have a long time to grow a plant or they might not have the perfect light cycle. Other than that, there is no practical difference between autoflower and feminized strains, because both are guaranteed female plants.

Now that you know more about what marijuana seed to grow, you can make an informed decision that will suit your preferences and your grow room. Many first time growers have bought the wrong strain and ended up with a grow room that is over-filled or one that is basically empty. Enjoy growing those big nugs!

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